Best Yonex Badminton Rackets in India

In this article, we have reviewed the 9 Best Yonex Badminton Rackets along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best Yonex badminton racket possible according to your needs.

Like every other sport badminton also inclines towards demanding a lot of dedication and commitment from its players. Something that plays a key role in getting you more into your game and improving your performance as a player is the racket involved in your play. Whether you trust it or you do not but a racket has the power to build or destroy your game.

Badminton is one of the most played sports in every place. This is found to be the most interesting sport and favorite of all. It is a racket sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net.

Despite the fact that it could be played with bigger groups, the most well-known types of the game are singles (with one player for each side) and pairs (with two players for every side). Badminton is often played as a regular base open-air game in a yard; formal games are played on a rectangular indoor court.

Points are scored by hitting the shuttlecock with the racket and landing it inside the rival side’s portion of the court. If you love badminton and looking for rackets, then one must go for Yonex as it is one of the best brand and manufacturer best racquets and rackets are the only important thing in the game.

Yonex has been making badminton rackets since the time the organization was set up in 1946. Also, with the mediating many years of training, they’ve developed to turn into the main badminton organization on the planet.

The article below includes the information and reviews of the 10 of the best Yonex badminton rackets available on Amazon with the pros and cons of buying the particular product included.

9 Best Yonex Badminton Rackets in India:

Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket4.6/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex GR 303 Aluminium Blend Badminton Racket4.1/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex ZR 100 Light Aluminium Badminton Racket4.3/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYONEX GR 303 Strung Badminton Racket4.4/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex Nanoray Light 8i LCW Graphite Badminton Racket4.6/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex Arcsaber 10i Graphite Badminton Racket4.8/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex Voltric 0.5DG Slim Badminton Racket4.9/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex ZR 101 Light Aluminium Badminton Racket4.2/5
Best Yonex Badminton RacketsYonex Nanoray 7000I G4-2U Badminton Racket4.4/5

1. Yonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the Racket: The Yonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket is compliant with the player’s style and his inert ability. The rackets are built out of graphite which adds to another one of its pluses. The color they come in is subtly shiny and represents the class. It consists of a side of G4-3U.

Review: They are extremely lightweight and can be easily handled. Helps a person to focus on their game without being distracted. It manages to drastically improve one’s smash hitting ability.

  • Performance is highly improved by the rackets astonishingly low weight.
  • The level it is flexible at, will not let you lose a single shot.
  • Being a customer of Yonex you have the assurance of getting the best quality products.
  • It is built to meet both the needs of intermediate as well as advanced level players.
  • The fact that you will be the one on the upper hand and directing in the court and not the racket is already enticing.
  • This racket might not be the best choice for beginners because it being very expensive when it comes to cost. This makes the racket economically not flexible for beginners.
  • One of the clearly visible shortcomings of the racket is its grip.
  • It fails to provide an external T-joint.

2. Yonex GR 303 Aluminium Blend Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the Racket: It is the racket presented by Yonex that has been incorporated with every little thing that a badminton player has ever desired. The steel shaft has been made with a low torsion renewing ease and comfort. You’ll get the racket in a set and if put into account the company, it proves to be a great deal.

Review: It has a very gratifying lightweight feel to it. Being lightweight the player’s ability to swing and hit is heightened however they please. They do not show any show with control despite being lightweight. Found it suitable for both tournaments or just recreation.

  • They provide you with two great badminton at a very reasonable price and that too from a well-known company making it an extremely attractive deal.
  • Having this masterpiece in your hand you will find a sudden boost in your confidence.
  • The easy to use factor in it will help you increase your overall performance on the court and pretty instantly at that.
  • The handle cover it is sold with will help increase its life.
  • The way it’s built-in is above excellence and will promote nothing less than excellence itself.
  • When it comes to questioning the grip it does seem a bit off.

3. Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminium Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets 


About the Racket: Another one in the series presented by Yonex, the frame material used to build is aluminum. The shaft is also made out of aluminum. It has a weight of 95 grams. The size of the racket is defined as G3 – U. The grip size provided by the racket is G4 which accounts for 3.5 inches. Is comfortable and useful for both beginners and intermediate-level players.

Review: The isometric head provided gives way to a larger sweet spot availability and thus makes it perfect for beginners. Are great for practicing with. They are light weighted and thus make your experience during a play worthwhile. A respectable and one of the brands to get top rating makes sure to live up to your expectations.

  • You have in hand a lightweight badminton racket with the best quality you can avail at this price range.
  • You make sure to get yourself a great product at an affordable and convenient rate.
  • You will receive the product with an outer cover that’s free of cost and will make sure to ensure protection for your racket from air and water harming it at any level.
  • The grip provided by the rackets is very satisfactory that’ll definitely help increase your game by a notch or two.
  • The company is known for the durability of its material so you have scored yourself one durable racket.
  • The color might be an issue as it’s only available in black.

4. YONEX GR 303 Strung Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the Racket: This is another of the rackets provided by the company Yonex. The provided weight is denoted by U that stands for 95 – 99.9 gm. The grip size of the racket holds the acronym G3 that means 3.5 inches. The head shape given to the badminton is isometric. It has a low torsion steel shaft while the frame material is built out of aluminum.

Review: A great racket at this price range. Idle for beginners both when evaluated from the view of gameplay and also when evaluated from the economical viewpoint. It is made out to be strong and firm thus has an increased durability level. It also has that lightweight feeling to it.

  • Players will be able to avoid sports injuries due to the accuracy provided by the racket.
  • The built of the racket is quite robust thus resulting in the racket being able to provide a great deal of grip to the player.
  • The badminton racket comes to you people in a striking and powerful color red.
  • A headcover of good quality material is provided with the racket to protect it from getting any damage caused by water and air.
  • You are getting the most value you could out of your money and the racket is economically very reasonable.
  • It is most likely beneficial for use when it is used by beginners, they are not custom made for professional players.
  • It is slightly heavier than the other rackets available at their price range.

5. Yonex Nanoray Light 8i LCW Graphite Badminton Racket

  Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the Racket: This is the latest head-light series that is introduced by Yonex. Nanoray is known to provide a rapid and well-administered swing with magnified aversion with the help of the new aero frame. Nanoscience technology incorporated in it is known for being helpful in providing speedy shots just like the speed of light.

The frame is made out of carbon material while the shaft has carbon graphite string tension.

Review: The isometric head provides a great deal of surface for the efficiency of the shot. It is extremely light weight making the money you paid worth paying. The string tension is high giving way to smooth gameplay.

At this particular price range, it provides great durability and also shows a great deal of strength.

  • The racquet is built from carbon graphite material that has become a widely accepted choice among the industry that makes badminton.
  • You are rewarded with ultimate flexibility when you are to use this badminton racket on the court.
  • The weight given to the racket is 75 to 79.9gm which is quite lightweight making this racket highly light weighted.
  • It has the best technology available at this point with its competitors.
  • Nothing worth mentioning.

6. Yonex Arcsaber 10i Graphite Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the racket: Yonex has managed to manufacture ultra-lightweight rackets from back in the days. One of the rackets continuing the same legacy is YonexArcsaber 10i Graphite Badminton Racquet. The weight of the rachet is 77 gm.

It is built with an isometric head thus provides a larger sweet spot. Provides a string tension of about 30 lbs. It has the frame and the shaft built of carbon-graphite material. The grip size that has been made available is 3.5 inches.

Review: Provides you with a speedy swing and also has that rigid feel to it. Also, you can avail speedy shots without much effort due to the high string tension presented in it.

Also, the gameplay is made easier due to the factors like ultra-lightweight that makes it highly flexible and also can be easily maneuvered. The price seems fair enough when you realize the strongly high level of construction it provides.

  • The racket is high-powered and also provides great resistance to the air although it is highly light weighted. Thus making you excel in a game.
  • Provides you with this uncanny comfort that you cannot put your hand on dying to its build.
  • Strings provide just the right amount of tension to help you swing shots in an angled and perfect manner without putting a lot of effort into it.
  • Can be brought into use for a long period of time without the strings getting damaged being a concern.
  • Looking at the price for a single racket and it being that high, you need to be sure and pretty seriously invested in the game. It is not for people who want it for recreation at times.
  • It is only available in a single color i.e., yellow and that might be a set-off when it comes to preference based on color.

7. Yonex Voltric 0.5DG Slim Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the racket: This is one of the high-ranked as well as ranged products of Yonex. YonexVoltric 0.5DG Slim Badminton Racquet is a that is available with a very high level of tensile support that is 35 lbs string tension. It comes with cutting edge nanometric technology.

It has been incorporated with an aerodynamic shaft. The material used is graphite. The weight of the badminton racket is 85 gm making it still quite light in comparison with other heavy weighted rackets manufactured by the company.

Review: They facilitate a very strong and intense shot with all the mechanisms in it coming into play. They have an ultra-thin and tough feel to them. The feature of weight management at the top and joints avails greater handling of the racket.

The top of the head is structured in a way that it provides great air resistance and thereby increasing the quality of gameplay.

  • The lightweight provided probes instant reflex and thus improves a player’s gameplay.
  • It is great for both the levels beginners and intermediate with the quality it provides.
  • The heavy head of the racket facilitates a strong shot.
  • Due to the very high price though reasonable for the quality standards, still, it is not exactly in the range of easily affordable rackets.

8. Yonex ZR 101 Light Aluminium Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets


About the Racket: With a grip size of 4.5 inches, this is another racket in the series of rackets provided by Yonex. The frame material used is none other than aluminum. A new joint is introduced that presents lightweight. It weighs between 95 – 99.9 gm.

Review: The isometric head it is laced and provides an increased sweet spot and thus giving better chances at not missing a shot. The flexibility increases due to the lightweight of the racket.

  • Comes with a full cover to protect your racket from dirt or water.
  • Provides a great deal of durability.
  • It is best for the beginner level players.
  • Like every other 3rd badminton it also shows the problem with the grip.

9. Yonex Nanoray 7000I G4-2U Badminton Racket

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets  


About the Racket: Another one of Yonex company’s manufactured rackets. The grip size it avails is 3.25 inches. The weight of the racket is higher when compared to the other rackets provided by the company. Is built with an isometric head. Provides the string tension of 19-24 lbs.

Review: The racket model overall proves to be good at this price range. Surely can be said to be light-weight when not compared by the rackets of another model. It is made for beginners and succeeds in serving its purpose.

  • Provides you with a carbon graphite shaft as every other racket.
  • Has an isometric head therefore a great deal of sweet spots and also is headlight thus adding to some flexibility.
  • Comes in a built-in T-joint this accounts for it being durable.
  • Provides a very low level of string tension.
  • It also does not manage to provide great flexibility.

How to select the Best Yonex Rackets in India:

Selecting the best Yonex badminton racket for yourself will be intimidating initially. With such a large variety of rackets from Yonex to decide on from, it will be troublesome to grasp where to start out.

To help, we’ve written this buyer’s guide to help you choose the best Yonex racket, in order that you’ll quickly select which sort of racket can fit your game. Once you perceive the ranges, it’s strictly a matter of budget among the vary.

Before staring at the various Yonex ranges, there are a couple of general points to notice that are crucial for selecting any court game racket:

Each racket is classified into one of 3 balance classes: Head-Heavy, Head-Light, and Even Balance. These don’t seem to be the mass or weight of the racket, rather this helps you identify wherever the bulk of the mass or weight is really settled within the racket.

Head-Heavy rackets have the bulk of the atomic number 6 settled nearer to the highest of the racket head, providing additional power for clears and smashes however creating the racket swing speed slower, reducing the number of speed out there for frontcourt and mid-court play.

Head-Light rackets have the bulk of the atomic number 6 settled nearer to very cheap of the racket head and also the shaft, increasing the number of speed out there for drop-shots, net-play, defensive and drives, however, cut back the number of additional power out there for clearing and smashing, requiring the player to place additional power in themselves.

  • Even Balance, because the name suggests, has a good distribution of atomic number 6 throughout the complete racket, creating them all-around rackets.
  • Each racket features a stiffness rating for a way simply the shaft can bend. There ar typically four classes for Yonex court game rackets: versatile (or Hi-Flex), Medium, Stiff, and further Stiff.
  • Stiffer rackets are additionally appropriate for players with faster (more advanced) swing speeds and techniques, whereas versatile rackets are additionally appropriate for players with slower (or use their arm additional to come up with their swing speed) swing speeds.
  • Rackets will are available in a variety of various overall weight categories (this is that the overall mass or weight of the racket, not the balance).

Yonex’s ranges

Yonex has historically classified its racket ranges supported balances. This makes it easier for purchasers to decide on a Yonex racquet as once you have got picked which sort of balance you’d like, you’ll target that vary. this Yonex racquet ranges are as follows:

Head-Heavy-YonexAstrox court game rackets are designed to supply the maximum amount of power attainable, permitting you to hit steep, angulate smashes and quick, protracted clears while not compromising considerably on speed.

Even Balance-YonexDuora court game rackets are designed to administer you all-around performance with 2 distinctive frame shapes during a single racket head, permitting you to hit powerful forehand shots and equally quick backhand shots.

Head-Light-YonexNanoray and also the new Yonex Nanoflare court game rackets are designed to administer you lightning-fast reflexes due to AN mechanics racket that maximizes your speed and power.

Once you have got determined that vary to decide on from, you’ll then filter the rackets by flex and value. every vary has a minimum of one versatile, one medium and one stiff racket within the mid-range and performance vary value points, providing you with many choices to look at.

Choosing Your racket in keeping with Your enjoying Frequency

If you’re a beginner your racket alternative is going to be fully totally different completely different} to it of a seasoned player as you may expect different properties from your rackets. ascertain that racket is best suited to your enjoying frequency.

Occasional Player

You will want a racket with AN isometric head, which is able to have a bigger expanse and can be a lot of forgiving. it’ll be a lot of forgiving once your strokes area unit slightly off-center and can build your 1st games easier.

Regular Players

You will want a racket that has power. A racket with a balanced purpose at the top can do that. it’ll build delivery easier.

Intensive Players

The main priority for intensive players is that the management of the racket. A racket with a balanced purpose at the handle can meet the expectations of your game supplying you with glorious reactivity.

Three varieties of Racket Composition

Rackets area unit made of 3 varieties of material and every one of them supplies a unique feeling. Let’s take a glance at these completely different racket sorts.

Steel Rackets

Steel rackets supply sensible worth for cash and area unit terribly robust. they’re serious and not terribly comfy to use.

Aluminum Rackets

Aluminum rackets also are terribly robust. they’re lighter than steel rackets however heavier than black lead ones. they’re less versatile than black lead rackets.

Graphite Rackets

Graphite rackets area unit versatile, comfy, and straightforward to handle. they’re conjointly lightweight however they’re dearer.


Badminton is the most demanded game everywhere not by professionals but also by normal people. One can find badminton in every house. And it is also most demanded among the professional as well. The racket is the most important part of this game and one can choose wisely while playing the game.

Yonex badminton are the best one as they are a well-known brand and manufacturing since long for the players. Yonex is the leader in the market of racket. We have listed down few best rackets of Yonex, one can choose as per their need for the games.

The above mention rackets are excellent items that perform particularly well in a badminton coordinate, it’s critical to pick a racket that suits your playing style.

A racket that works for another person may not be the most ideal decision for you. So, before you feel free to get a Yonex racket, set aside the effort to comprehend you’re playing style somewhat better so you can settle on an educated choice.

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