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In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best badminton shoes in the world along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best badminton shoes according to your needs.

In India, badminton is one of those games that is highly played and people from all age groups enjoy it. When it comes to being on the ground, there are multiple aspects that players need to put their focus on. For a player to put complete focus on the game, it’s very important to invest in full gear.

Badminton requires quite a lot of physical activity and if you have not the right kind of shoes, racket, etc., it’s very easy to strain your muscles. If you are in search of one of the best badminton shoes, we are going to provide you with some very high-performance ones that are available in the market right now.

The players must know the difficulties they face due to not having the right equipment and it is seen quite a lot of times when their energy is wasted due to the wrong choice of shoes or sometimes even rackets.

We understand that investing in a pair of shoes can get expensive but if you see it as in the long run, you will know that this is a wide decision. While playing, you will need to have shoes that can provide you with a better grip and stability.

10 Best Badminton Shoes in 2021:

Let’s dive into the detailed reviews of some of the best shoes that you can invest in. If you aren’t able to pick one from the lot, there is nothing to worry about. We are going to provide you our top picks in the latter part of the review.

Best Badminton ShoesASICS Gel Rocket 94.5/5
Best Badminton ShoesLi-Ning Saga Lite4.2/5
Best Badminton ShoesAdidas Men’s Quick Force4.4/5
Best Badminton ShoesMizuno Crossmatch Plio RX34.0/5
Best Badminton ShoesASICS Gel Blade 64.9/5
Best Badminton ShoesYONEX SHB Aerus 34.8/5
Best Badminton ShoesYONEX Power Cushion 354.3/5
Best Badminton ShoesYONEX Super Ace Light4.6/5
Best Badminton ShoesVictor New AS 3W AD3.7/5
Best Badminton ShoesBabolat Propulse Fury4.5/5

1. ASICS Gel Rocket 9

Best Badminton Shoes


ASICS is always known for the quality that it has to offer. The whole Rocket line up is one of the top choices when it comes to getting the best sports gear. The primary focus put by the brand is on versatility and is also unisex. Coming to the design, the pair is pretty lightweight and will also give you much better stability.

Along with these features, the ASICS Gel Rocket 9 will also be a very suited option if you want to get quick moves.

The colors and design offered here are also very modern and you will not feel outdated in any way. If you are wondering about the ankle support, this pair will not disappoint you there as well. The cushioning that you will get here will also be more than enough in providing you with exceptional shock absorption on the field.

Not only the stability and shock-resistance, but the shoes will also be able to give you the best grip as the outer sole is constructed of high-quality rubber that provides enough flexibility.

  • The traction provided by the ASICS Rocket 9 is considered best-in-class, thanks to the very unique tread design.
  • The ankle protection that you need while making quick moves is also very easy. You will get ample space to move the ankle without putting any strain on them.
  • The structural support provided by ASICS here is also pretty good and you will not feel any loose ends while playing.
  • The lightweight construction is also a huge factor to impact your performance and the synthetic leather used here will give you easy maneuver without adding much weight.
  • The arch support isn’t very good when it comes to getting the standard for playing badminton.
  • The shoe will take a bit of time to break in and adjust according to your feet.

2. Li-Ning Saga Lite

Best Badminton Shoes



Li-Ning offers multiple pivot points on this pair and it allows them to perform exceptionally on the court. Another thing about these shoes that is quite unique is the mesh design that it has to offer.

You will not feel any irritation while playing as this construction will give enough breathability to go through the whole session. The gum that is used here is the non-marking one which primarily focuses on avoiding any kind of sole abrasion.

On the inner side, there is an extra lining that will help in durability and the shoes will last much longer. These shoes are also pretty lightweight and you will get to enhance your results to a good extent by replacing your standard shoes with this one. The shock-absorption technique used by Li-Ning here is also very good and you will not feel any jerk on any jump or while playing squash.

The outer sole is also constructed of good quality rubber, it will also be significantly helpful in providing you better grips. The shoes will also give you a very good lock-in feel and it will help you in avoiding ankle injury of any kind.

  • The Li-Ning Saga Lite will be your perfect choice for the indoor courts where the whole focus is on providing you the utmost protection.
  • The outer sole will also give you enough traction and you will not slip away even in your quickest moves.
  • The ankle support that these pairs have to offer is also pretty good and you will not strain in any case.
  • The sole construction is done in such a way that it doesn’t get any type of abrasion.
  • The construction isn’t very lightweight and these come out a bit heavier from their competition.
  • The color options aren’t also many and you might get stuck with what’s available.

3. Adidas Men’s Quick Force

Best Badminton Shoes



Everyone knows the quality offered by Adidas when it comes to sports gear. The brand is seen to provide all the necessary features that you may need along with giving you the best comfort in the segment. Earlier, the brand’s lineup was quite expensive and not everyone was able to afford them.

However, Adidas has now understood the requirements and came up with multiple products including one of the best badminton shoes for a general buyer at a very affordable price. The design offered by the brand here gives you a very breathable feel and you will not feel any sweat building up even in longer sessions.

There is also no compromise in the cushioning and you will not feel any kind of shock while jumping or hitting back the fast squashes. The closure method opted by Adidas here is the lacing method and you will get to tighten it according to the width of your feet. The outer sole is constructed of the synthetic material which gives it a very lightweight build.

  • The materials used by the brand here give it a very durable build and if you are not a very frequent user, you can easily use them for years.
  • The sole is built of a very heavy-duty rubber that will give the shoe all the flexibility it needs.
  • The round toe design will offer your foot a much better grip and you will be able to make quick moves without any issue.
  • Adidas is also providing the users with a 3-month warranty and the brand will replace the product in case of any defect found on long use.
  • The heel support that is present on these shoes is also not high enough and you may feel a little bit uncomfortable while running.

4. Mizuno Crossmatch Plio RX3

Best Badminton Shoes



If you are out in the market looking for a pair of shoes that can provide you with the best stability, this Mizuno pair is going to be the perfect choice for you.

The shoes aren’t just good in terms of stability, but you will also get quite a better cushioning as well. The cushioning used here is more than enough to absorb each and every shock without any issue.

The ankle support also adds up to the stability and will allow you to make quick moves by putting any strain on your ankle. The closure system opted by Mizuno is the lace one and it will also be quite helpful in adjusting the tightness accordingly. There are also multiple color options that are available and you will get to choose the one that looks great on you.

The structure is also constructed in a mesh system that allows proper ventilation and you will not feel any kind of sweat or moisture even in long sessions. The ventilated mesh system will also keep any kind of bad odor from your feet.

  • The rubber sole that Mizuno is offering here is quite sturdy and you will get a very good grip on the court.
  • The cushioning used on these pairs of shoes is done quite well and you will feel absolutely nothing even while playing squash.
  • The ankle support is also much better and you will get to make sudden moves without any problem.
  • These shoes can be used by a range of players on the indoor court and is not limited to only badminton.
  • The pair is more suitable for the players with smaller feet.
  • The upper construction of Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 is quite stiff and it can become uncomfortable in long sessions.

5. ASICS Gel Blade 6 

Best Badminton Shoes



These shoes fall in the category of expensive sports gear but the comfort that you will get will not match the competition in the same price segment. ASICS is known for the quality that it has to offer and if you use any of their products, you can’t deny them. Gel Blade 6 is also loved by the professionals and you will be able to get a much better grip on the court.

The outer sole is also constructed in the heavy-duty rubber and it will provide the flexibility you need to hit back on those squashes. If you play indoor sports quite often, these shoes are the ones that you should go for.

ASICS nailed the design language as well. The shoes are available in bright color schemes and you can buy the one that perfectly fits with your style. The only thing where ASICS should improve is the weight, these shoes aren’t quite light and we will discuss it in the cons section.

The midsole on these shoes comes with proper cushioning and you will be able to do higher jumps without putting your feet at risk of getting injured.

  • The tread design that you will get here will give you enough traction that will help you in staying stable on the court.
  • The overall build of the shoes is also quite sturdy and you will be able to use them for year with proper care.
  • The upper structure is done in a mesh design that focuses primarily on the breathability and keeping all the odour away.
  • ASICS Gel Blade 6 comes with the lace closure and it will give you the flexibility of tightening as per your liking and comfort.
  • The shoes turn out to be one of the selective ones and it can be a deal-breaker for many people.
  • If you are going through an ankle issue, this pair isn’t advisable for you.

6. YONEX SHB Aerus 3

Best Badminton Shoes



These shoes from Yonex come feature-packed and you will get the utmost comfort as soon as you wear them. The sole gives you reverse energy to help to take easy steps and it will significantly helpful if you are wearing them for long hours. These shoes are also on a bit expensive side.

However, for the players to whom the comfort is a top-most priority, these are the go-to.

The mesh design offered to you by Yonex will give you the proper ventilation and you will not feel any sweat or moisture. The shoes will also provide you a very firm grip and thanks to high-quality rubber used in the construction, you will also get a very good amount of traction.

Not only these are the best badminton shoes, but you can also wear them for any indoor court game like squash, volleyball, etc. With a weight of just 270 grams, these shoes are the perfect fit if you are a professional player.

  • The reverse shock energy will significantly impact the performance and you will be able to make even quicker moves.
  • The structure of the shoes is also done in such a way that it will give you the best grip that you need on the court.
  • If you are wondering about the grip, the tread design on these shoes will allow you to move quickly without slipping.
  • The ventilated design will allow you to keep the sweat completely away along with the odour.
  • The colour options that are available are limited.
  • If you are buying them for outdoor use, drop the idea. These shoes aren’t meant for outdoor use.

7. YONEX Power Cushion 35

Best Badminton Shoes



Yes, another addition in the list is from Yonex. These shoes are quite affordable and you will get to choose comfort over everything. The traction offered by these shoes is also top-notch and you will get full flexibility while playing. The most important thing a player needs on the court is stability and it can only be achieved by providing the required ankle support.

The midsole comes with quite a good cushioning where you will get the best-in-class shock absorption. In these pairs as well, Yonex is providing you the reverse shock energy to help you for making the next moves easily. The shoes are also feature-packed and you will also get the full worth of your money.

The structure on which these shoes are built, gives you the best possible comfort and the lace closure will give you enough flexibility to tighten accordingly. The outer sole is constructed of gum rubber that is known for better grip and traction.

  • The tread design that you will get here will give you an omni-directional grip that will help you with sudden stopping or moving on the court.
  • The shoes are also capable of turning the shock or jerk into the reverse energy which will give you a spring effect in the next movement.
  • The forefoot area will get much better stability and it will help in hitting back those squashes.
  • The upper structure is also done in mesh design which basically focuses on giving you full ventilation and removing all the sweat.
  • The sizes are limited and before finalizing on these shoes, we recommend checking whether the size is available or not.

8. YONEX Super Ace Light

Best Badminton Shoes


We are adding so many shoes from the brand because the brand is known for its high-quality products in the sports line up. These shoes from the brand are also the ones that will give you the best possible comfort.

If you are looking for the best badminton shoes that are also affordable, these are the ones for you and these shoes can be worn for any indoor court sports where all you need is a better grip.

Super Ace Light is also known for the best-in-class ankle support and it’s recommended for the intermediate players as they are more prone to injuries. Though the shoes look quite bulky, they are not very heavyweight.

The tread design that you will get here is also very unique and it will be significantly helpful in keeping you stable on the court. The structure designed by Yonex here will also give your foot enough space to move and the mesh design will keep all the sweat away.

  • The shoes are extremely lightweight and while playing long sessions, you will not be able to feel any weight or discomfort.
  • The ankle support is exactly what’s needed and you will get enough space to make sudden movements.
  • Yonex also focused on providing you with the durability and just by taking a bit of care, you will get to use them for years.
  • There are multiple color options that are available and you will get to choose the one that suits your style.
  • The shape that is offered by the Yonex may not suit everyone’s needs.

9. Victor New AS 3W AD

Best Badminton Shoes



These shoes can be a perfect fit for the ones with slim feet and the design language opted by Victor is also very modern and you will not feel outdated. The vibrant color used in the construction will come with a very better quality cushioning and it will absorb all the jerks by converting them into reverse impact energy.

It will be some kind of spring effect where the shoe itself will help you in making the next movements. The upper construction of these shoes is also done in a mesh structure and it completely focuses on ventilation and breathability. If you generally play in long sessions, you will not feel any kind of irritation or moisture building.

The shoes are also lightweight that will be significantly helpful in providing comfort and you will also be able to make sudden moves quite easily.

  • There is another variant under the same model that is specifically made for people with wider feet.
  • There are multiple color variants that are available and you will get to choose the one that goes with your style.
  • The cushioning that Victor is offering here will completely focus on comfort and you can easily wear them for long hours.
  • The tread design is also unique and it will be very helpful in providing firm grip on the court.
  • The outer sole can be made even better and Victor should do some R&D for the same.

10. Babolat Propulse Fury

Best Badminton Shoes



If you are putting comfort on top priority, these shoes from Babolat will be the perfect fit for you. Yes, they are also on an expensive side and the design is also very modern. The double-threading and the use of vibrant contrast give it a much more trendy look along with the best arch support as well.

The midsole will give you the proper cushioning where it will not let you feel any jerk or shock.

The shock resistance will convert the energy into the reverse impact energy to provide a spring effect in the next movement. The laces that are available on these shoes will give you enough flexibility to tighten it according to your need. The heel height that you will get will actually be good enough to fit your feet in the correct position.

The outer sole is constructed of high-quality material and provides the flexibility you need while you are on the court. The use of a synthetic material allows it to be very lightweight, allowing you to wear them for a long time.

  • The shoes provide more support to the forefoot where it is highly possible to get the injury.
  • The unique tread design will allow you to keep yourself in full control and you will be able to easily make any sudden move.
  • There is also enough ankle space provided to you where it won’t restrict you and you will not put any strain on your ankles while moving.
  • The traction that is needed while hitting back the squashes is also present on this pair.
  • In regard to the bulkiness, Babolat should have provided one for people with wider feet.

Picking the best badminton shoes: A buyer’s guide

A lot of badminton players are not very focused on buying a perfect pair of shoes. According to them, a good racket along with an appealing forearm band will do the job.

However, a pair of shoes that fit all the requirements of a badminton game will play a significant role in enhancing on-field performance.


The most important aspect of a shoe is its weight. The design, colors, etc. comes secondary and it will be the only weight factor that will impact your performance. If you are settling for heavy shoes, you will find yourself not very responsive to those smashes.

You are wondering what’s the ideal weight then?

The shoes that you are buying can be one of the best badminton shoes if the weight ranges between 250-400 gms.


The outer sole of the shoes that you are buying should be soft and able to provide a good amount of traction. The indoor courts have smooth floors and the sole should be able to provide a better grip. The tread pattern that you will get here will also allow you to make quick moves without slipping.


As it’s already established that badminton requires intense physical work and if the shoes that you are wearing haven’t enough ventilation, it can be very tiring to cope up throughout the session. Your feet will get all sweaty and this is why you must check if the shoes that you are going for comes with proper mesh design or not.

High-quality Cushions

You need to get the best possible cushioning. It is seen that the badminton shoes available in the market come with low-profile midsole. However, it is in no way to believe that these soles aren’t capable of absorbing the shocks and give your feet the protection they need.

Ankle Support

While you are in the field, anything can happen at any moment. If the shoes that you are wearing can’t give your ankle the space it needs, it can put you in quite a dangerous location in case you make quick movements.

This is the reason badminton shoes come with lower ankle support allowing you the flexibility and full movement without any strains.

Moisture Reduction

You will not see this feature on all the badminton shoes present out there. If you are putting comfort on the top-most priority, the ‘Double Russel mesh’ tech will offer you to reduce moisture levels by 7-8 times when compared to a standard badminton pair of shoes.

The whole package will keep you comfortable throughout the game without any irritation or ventilation issue.


We don’t recommend considering the price come in-between your comfort, however, if you are very tight on budget, you will need to intensify your search even more.

The badminton shoes that you are buying should be worth your money and you must choose one that can provide you the necessary features with the highest quality possible.

Conclusion: Our top picks

Now, you have gone through the list of ‘Best Badminton Shoes’ and we hope that this review must have helped you in making a better decision.

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of shoes, there are quite a few things that play significant roles and you will need to take each and everyone into the consideration before making the purchase. If you are in a situation where you aren’t able to choose the one for yourself, we are here to help you with that as well.

We are going to give you our recommendations and you can get these pairs without any second thought. These two pairs are kind of all-rounders and it will fit perfectly with your requirements, no matter what.

The first one that you can buy is ASICS Gel Blade 6. These pairs come at a weight of just 275 grams and are also feature-packed. These shoes also run true-to-size and you will not need to buy a number big or small.

The second one that you can buy is Yonex Super Ace Light badminton shoes. This pair comes at a more affordable side where you will get a double-layered sole along with a modern design.

Clearing your head: FAQs

Can I wear badminton shoes for other sports?

Yes, these shoes can be worn for almost all the sports that are played indoors. As games like volleyball and squash also require similar physical activity, these shoes will do the job.

Are there any specific models available for wide feet people?

As of now, there are no models available that are specific for the wider feet. You can go for the models that come with U-shaped toe box to give your feet ample space

When these shoes should be replaced?

As badminton shoes will not go to any rough surface, they can last for months and years. However, according to some experts, you should replace them in 8-10 months if you are wearing them thrice a week.

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