Best Badminton Rackets in 2021

In this article, we have reviewed the 15 best badminton rackets in the world along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best badminton racket according to your needs.

Are you looking for the best badminton rackets? Well seems like you have hit the right place because today we are going to introduce you to some of the best badminton rackets available in the market right now.

As everyone is already aware that badminton has become a global phenomenon and it has found new heights of popularity in recent years.

Many people from all over the country are taking part in it and taking the fun of this amazing game. Nobody would’ve thought that a racket-based sport apart from Tennis will garner attention at such an immense magnitude but here we are, selecting best rackets for our game.

So just like every other sport, there is a particular gear involved that holds the capacity to propel your gameplay. In Badminton that gear is racket but it holds most of the importance and is capable of influencing one’s performance at a much higher degree.

Obviously, the skill of a player is involved in achieving desired results but one can’t undermine the reliability of the racket.

Great players with poor rackets will end up just as mediocre sports person but a great player with great racket does wonder on the court.

Even if you aren’t a pro player or just trying to adapt to the gameplay, the selection of good rackets can turn out to be a pretty vital aspect for you as better rackets will produce quicker results.

It all boils down to the racket and there isn’t really any other significant thing apart from rackets that propel the gameplay of a player. Shoes might be one factor but compared to rackets, they don’t hold a candle.

So ultimately it becomes essential that you must select the racket that you are going to carry along with you carefully and with the correct choice, you will get optimum results. So here are 15 best badminton rackets to play with.

15 Best Badminton Rackets in 2021:

Best Badminton RacketsYonex Astrox 994.9/5
Best Badminton RacketsVictor Jetspeed S 12 Badminton Racket4.4/5
Best Badminton RacketsLi Ning Windstorm 724.6/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Arcsaber 114.8/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Voltric Z Force 24.3/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Nanospeed 9904.7/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Duora 104.5/5
Best Badminton RacketsVictor Sports Thruster F4.2/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Nanoray 9004.7/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Voltric 1 DG4.4/5
Best Badminton RacketsYonex Astrox 74.6/5
Best Badminton RacketsAshaway Superlight 79SQ4.2/5
Best Badminton RacketsVictor Brave Sword 124.3/5
Best Badminton RacketsLi Ning Windstorm 78SL4.1/5
Best Badminton RacketsAdidas aDiPOWER Racket3.9/5

1. Yonex Astrox 99

Best Badminton Rackets


If you are ready to intimidate your opponents with the slam of your racket, it would be a great time to get this amazing racket of Astrox 99 by Yonex which is one of the leading companies in sports manufacturing equipment.

This is an overall banger but for the people who prefer a slightly steeper angle while delivering a blow, this could be a perfect prospect.

With this racket in your hand, you are going to give a hard time to your competitors. The shaft in this is pretty sturdy and robust and advantage of it is that it doesn’t twist regardless of the force that you put into it or your angle of smash.

Another thing that keeps the shaft intact is the use of “Named” material in it. It is basically a graphite fiber with some nano-materials attached to it that results in the ultimate combination of an adhering material.

The use of this material doesn’t only allow the shaft to flex but also stores sufficient energy so that whenever a player is delivering the blow, this stored energy will be utilized to propel the speed of his strike.

Moreover, snapping also becomes faster with this particular provision. If you take a look at the “T” of the racket you will notice that it is slightly bent more than usual. This increased bent is because of the plastic material that is employed in it which is again a combination of epoxy resin and foaming agent.

This ensures the smooth landing of the shuttle over the bed of the badminton and also guiding it becomes much easier with it.

The ratio of shaft diameter to the shaft length is also very low which enables the racket to move more freely against air resistance, hence more power to the blows.

  • It has a solid core that damps the vibrations effectively.
  • It comes with an aero-box frame that enables the quicker swing.
  • Easier to transit for the next shot.
  • Since the racket is made up of all Named, you get extra explosive power.
  • Strings are needed to be tightened occasionally.

2. Victor Jetspeed S 12 Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets


Victor Jetspeed S 12 is our next inclusion in this list of best rackets for badminton. If you desire to see some of the best engineering work done on a badminton racket, you can straight away take a look at this particular feature. The distribution and balance in this are top-notch and the performance it produces is astounding.

For the players who have quick instincts and love to play fast, this could be an ideal choice.

In this thing, both sword and aerodynamic structure are utilized which is actually quite a rare thing and a difficult one to implement too. You can just get the essence from the name of the above-mentioned structures.

The aerodynamic structure is very useful when it comes to minimizing air resistance. This kind of structure is used in vehicles where more speed is desired and the same thing happens with this racket. You get an extent speed, courtesy of this particular structure.

On the other hand, sword structure allows you to have a more impact on your shots by enhancing the magnitude of your blows. This phenomenal combination of speed and force is ideal for any kind of player and this racket provides it extensively.

This twin epoxy resin material is actually used in aerospace technology so you can determine the performance that it’s going to deliver.

This material increases the shock absorption ability of the racket and also increases the elasticity to some extent. The frame of the racket is also made hollow which reduces the overall weight of the racket as well as provides automatic ventilation.

So being lighter assures you that you won’t have to put much effort into delivering the blows.

  • It is more flexible and resilient.
  • It has a brilliant shock absorption capability.
  • The racket is ultra-lightweight.
  • Use of carbon fiber in it enhances the control.
  • The racket is a bit expensive.

3. Li Ning Windstorm 72

Best Badminton Rackets  


Have you ever heard about a weightless racket in the game of badminton?

Obviously not because it might seem absurd thing and there’s nothing as weightless in this world.

But Li Ning Windstorm says otherwise and provides the badminton with the least weight in all of the badminton rackets.

It’s not exactly weightless since we might be denying the laws of physics, but the thing is that its weight is so low that players that have used this racket for their gameplay have found a new level of improvement.

Everyone knows the significance of racket weight in this particular sport because you have to be quick and instinctive and that factor comes from the weight of the equipment that you are using.

But being lighter in weight hasn’t resulted in a reduction in other qualities of the racket, in fact, the racket has super strength.

Now you might be thinking how can a lighter racket be stronger? Well for that we have TB technology to thank. This TB technology is actually a combination of minute carbon fiber particles that are composed into one and when the carbon fiber is utilized in such form, it tends to offer more strength than usual without affecting the weight of the racket.

To counter the effects of inertia shaft diameter is kept as low as 7mm but shaft also has super strength and sturdiness to it which makes sure that it remains stable even after getting hit with hefty blows.

Its sweet spot is also widespread which increases the percentage of delivering blows with huge power but to increase this region, no other compensations are made.

So if you want to completely own and dominate your opponent, you should get your hands on this racket at first.

  • It has a larger sweet spot compared to some other rackets.
  • It is extremely light in weight.
  • The shaft is thin and balance.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • It is difficult to get accustomed to it, initially.

4. Yonex Arcsaber 11

Best Badminton Rackets


Here’s another dominating inclusion from the brand of Yonex. This Arcsaber 11 racket is everything a badminton player could ask for, why you ask?

Well, you will find it yourself once you get a hold of this particular feature of Yonex. Its ability to store the energy and then release it at the point of contact is something that very few rackets can match.

Moreover, you are going to love how easily it can maneuver the gameplay and control the shuttle with its majestic features.

The material used in it is Neo CS carbon. Compared to conventional carbon, it delivers pretty high performance. It has increased strength, stiffness, and shock absorption capacity which helps in delivering blows at a higher magnitude.

The repulsion power is also increased up to some extent because of the ability of the frame to return to its original shape which is again the courtesy of this CS carbon.

At the top of the frame, you will find the sonic metal distributed uniformly. The advantage of using this sonic metal is that you can easily identify the position of the shuttle through the sonic sound that is created once you hit it and in addition to that you also get good repulsion.

It will surely be intimidating for your opponent to hear the sound of racket smacking the shuttle with immense power. As far as the shaft goes, it is made up of the ultra PF.

This PF is light as air but doesn’t underestimate its strength since it is capable of absorbing shocks of higher magnitudes, so now pivoting the racket will be a piece of cake for you.

  • It delivers amazing control.
  • It is very easy to get used to.
  • Balanced in both defense and attack.
  • It has amazing repulsion.
  • Compared to some other rackets in the list, this one doesn’t deliver that much power in its blows.

5. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2

Best Badminton Rackets


When this racket came out in the market, it caused huge disruption and immediately became the talk of the town. One of the reasons was that it was being used by the world’s best player at the moment.

By looking at Lee Chong Wei using this racket, many other people and players switched to it and hence it became a rising phenomenon in the world of badminton.

But what were the things that made it such an amazing prospect?

Let’s find out.

In the previous version of this racket, the sweet spot didn’t have a larger perimeter. It was good but not anything standout.

But in this version, they’ve expanded the area of the sweet spot and as a result, you will now have more chances of delivering powerful blows.

Certain changes in its head shape and size are also made which were met with a positive reception by both critics and players. The aerodynamic aspect is also given more priority in this version. The frame is accurately engineered and given a nice shape to it.

Actually, if you compare its aerodynamic shape to some other rackets on this list, you will find out that the utilization of the material in this one is done more neatly.

So with this efficient shape, you get two advantages; one is that racket automatically becomes lighter as unnecessary material is removed and secondly racket becomes less resistant to air so now you can deliver the blows more efficiently.

They feel that it gives is mesmerizing and you are going to love playing with these.

  • The racket is pretty neat looking.
  • It has a nice aerodynamic structure.
  • The shaft is thinner.
  • It has a uniform distribution of weight.
  • It doesn’t give the solid feel and sometimes it becomes difficult to determine the position of the shuttle.

6. Yonex Nanospeed 990

Best Badminton Rackets


Alright so before beginning the review of this particular racket, I want to clarify one thing that is this is not a good choice for beginners. In fact, if you are a beginner, just don’t use this prospect by Yonex.

But for the players who are pro in this game and have used many different rackets over time, this one is a gem. There are many things that make it great for pro players and those we are going to see. One factor that doesn’t make it suitable for newbies is its speed.

On any regular day, you will generally find that the head of the racket is made heavier but there’s an exception in this one. The head is particularly made lighter in order to obtain more speed. Now the pro player can easily handle this transition of speed but for beginners, it might be a bit difficult.

The swinging becomes more fun as you can strike the shuttle at an almost double rate compared to some other rackets in this list. And it’s not even intermittent when delivering the blows.

This racket is also not limited to attack and defense but also assists in delivering some special shots. Doing lifts and clears become as easy as pie and in addition to that backhand defense is also enhanced.

For the construction of strings, it uses single-pass grommet hole construction which has a number of holes adjacent to each other, in simple words more holes meaning more power to the blows.

  • It is a top choice for pro players.
  • It is capable of performing difficult shots easily.
  • The racket is extremely fast.
  • It has superior swinging ability.
  • Can’t be used effectively by newbies.

7. Yonex Duora 10

Best Badminton Rackets


You are going to see a lot of Yonex in this list and the reason is that no one really comes close to them when it comes to manufacturing badminton rackets, so apart from this one, there are more inclusions of Yonex up ahead.

For now, let’s get into this racket called Duora 10 So it has what they call is a dual dynamic design. This dual dynamic design is actually a composition of two different designs on forehand and backhand. Forehand is box framed and backhand is aerodynamic so you get that perfect balance to your racket.

So the conclusion is that you will get additional power whenever you are delivering the blows with your forehand and quick responses whenever you are defending with a backhand. You can differentiate between the forehand side and the backhand side by simply touching the racket and identifying which side is sharper.

This is because they look so similar that they can’t be identified visually. The shaft it has possesses smooth flex which again provides optimum control over the shuttle to the user but one great thing about this aspect is that you will never get any kind of reduction in power.

The material for the shaft is highly modulus graphite. Though they are saying that shaft is slimmer but in actuality, it’s thicker than some of the badminton in the list.

Nonetheless, its diameter is just about the size that doesn’t restrict the swift movements of the racket. The frame is made up of H.M Graphite, Nanometric DR, Ti fiber which provides good flexibility to the racket.

  • There is a good balance between attack and defense.
  • It gives smooth flex.
  • The aerodynamic shape gives more power.
  • Flexible frame.
  • The racket isn’t that quick if you take a glance at its features.

8. Victor Sports Thruster F

Best Badminton Rackets


We have finally got a racket that isn’t manufactured by Yonex.

Victor Sports Thruster is one of the exceptions when it comes to the amazing world of racket but that doesn’t degrade the value of Victor at all because they too are manufacturing top class badminton rackets over the years but the thing is that Yonex is just too far ahead.

Nevertheless, let us jump into the review of this racket.

The head of this racket is quite odd in shape, you will see that it is elongated by the sides. At first, you might think that it will just become a nuisance as the height of badminton is increased but the thing is that with the help of this elongated section, your percentage of shuttle landing on the string increased by a fair amount.

This isn’t something undesirable.

The decals over it are also good looking and distributed uniformly with a vibrant color which makes the overall look of the racket pretty good. The shaft is pretty thin and since its 4U G5, there’s nice stiffness to it.

Now the performance of this racket is something that involves its user.

You might have to put an extra effort into adapting to this racket because the shape of the head is pretty different from the usual rackets, but once you are accustomed to it, you will only find thrill in your shots.

The unusual shape of the head doesn’t have any effect on the speed and swing of the racket, in fact, the speed at which it delivers is quite fascinating for the 4U racket.

Moreover, you can easily manoeuver your shots with the flexibility of this racket. The weight is concentrated more on the strings than the head which again gives a weightlessness factor to it regardless of the head being stretched more than usual.

  • It usually delivers more power because of the heavy head.
  • The shaft is stiff and thin.
  • It has a good look to it.
  • More chances of shuttle landing.
  • It is difficult to get accustomed to.

9. Yonex Nanoray 900

Best Badminton Rackets


We are again back to Yonex and this time the racket is Nanoray 900. The best thing about this racket is the isometric shape of its head which increases the size of the sweet spot to a large extent.

So if you are a player who has a knack for power shots and wants to throw your opponent into oblivion, just get this racket. The racket comes up in many colorways and over the years Yonex hasn’t reduced their production since it has become such a popular racket, especially for the doubles play.

The reason for such popularity is that it was introduced by an Indonesian pair (Guess who?) who went on to do wonders in the sport of badminton. 

Anyway, the point is that you have a huge versatility in colors and the racket actually looks pretty good in hand which is again an additional advantage. The shaft is of standard size with good stiffness to it with the head having an isometric shape as mentioned earlier.

The frame of this racket is designed in such a way that it provides the maximum amount of repulsion, which makes it an ideal choice for flat shots that contain only crazy power. This could be a key prospect for the players who like to take offensive charge in the game at an early stage.

If you take a look at its head you will find out that upper and lower parts of the racket are thick and stiff but on the other hand, the middle part is more flexible and thin.

Yonex is calling it a “Snapback region”. A simple mathematical expression is utilized in this region that gives national power to the shuttle when you hit it.

It doesn’t actually mean that you will have to smash the shuttle with full power, you just have to give an angle steeper enough to get a maximum force.

  • An ideal racket for doubles play.
  • More power in the shot without putting much effort.
  • More stiffness.
  • The racket is lighter in weight.
  • Not suitable if you are a singles player.

10. Yonex Voltric 1 DG

Best Badminton Rackets


This time we’ve got an amazing feature by Yonex by the name of Voltric 1 DG on our hands. Whenever we talk about ideal rackets, one factor that must be fulfilled is the strength of the racket since rackets have to absorb a lot of impacts.

And forces and this racket right here is one of the best when it comes to strength and is capable of soaking in any of the shot that is directed towards you with ease. If you desire a racket that excels in almost every section of a game then Yonex Voltric 1 DG won’t be a bad choice.

This racket features head heavy balance structure and the significance of this particular structure is that more amount of weight is distributed over the head of the racket, hence more natural power can be derived from the shots. 

One great thing about this racket is its string tension which Yonex has mentioned to be 35 lbs and combine it with the head heavy design of racket and just imagine the amount of pressure you are going to put on your opponents with every loud shot of yours.

Now irrespective of the head balance design the racket doesn’t feel very heavy and has a nice feeling to it.

The shaft is also of medium width so there’s a balance in the top and bottom section of the racket which results in ease of operating. It has a mat finish over it so it looks good.

  • The price of the racket is affordable in essence with its features.
  • The racket is balanced in weight from top to bottom.
  • It is highly durable.
  • A great amount of power in shots.
  • Stiffness is not that good.

11. Yonex Astrox 7

Best Badminton Rackets


Astrox series by Yonex is truly astounding and you can get the idea from the racket that is on the top spot of this list. Astrox 7 too isn’t behind compared to other rackets of Yonex and it has proved its worth with its outstanding performance on the field.

This is a 4U racket, meaning, that it has its weight around 80 to 85 grams which are actually really low. The string tension is 20 to 27 lbs which is what you usually get from a racket by Yonex. It’s been a trademark in this series of Yonex that it is balanced towards the head and a similar thing is attained in this one as well.

The flexibility is medium which might not be appreciated by some players but the thing is that you get the factor of versatility with it.

With this kind of flex, you can use the racket for both single and double play. The racket has kind of simple design and the colors used in it are just ordinary, so the look of it isn’t anything standout.

On the hindsight, it consists of a rotation generating system which helps in harboring rotations that can counterbalance the shots that are directed towards you. It also provides good rigidity and stability. The frame utilizes the material of graphite and tungsten which provides additional strength as well as the flexibility to the racket.

The isometric shape of the head also assists a lot in delivering blows with higher magnitude by enlarging the sweet spot.

  • The distribution of weight is top-notch in this, courtesy of the rotation generating system.
  • It is highly capable of cutting of vibration just when shuttle collides.
  • The control support cap in this lessens the air resistant.
  • Ease of control.
  • Hard to find any.

12. Ashaway Superlight 79SQ

Best Badminton Rackets


Now we have a feature that isn’t from Yonex and this time it is from Ashaway which also has a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing rackets of the highest quality.

Superlight 79SQ is nothing like your usual badminton and as mentioned in the name, it is actually super light.

In fact, it is probably the lightest badminton on this list, don’t believe it? Just get your hands on this amazingly crafted piece and you will see its authenticity with the said features. The racket is an amazing choice for people who like to hit the shuttle hard and have to attack as their key strength.

Speed and power, are two vital aspects that every badminton player desires from a racket, and this product right here provides an ultimate combination of it. It utilizes ZyMax 70 string which provides a fair amount of tension and also gives extended durability.

It is also stiff enough to direct the shots more efficiently. The graphite-reinforced material is also used in this racket which again provides additional strength to the racket.

  • It produces similar results even if the shuttle is hit at off-center.
  • It has very high stability.
  • Medium flex allows it to be used in both singles and doubles play.
  • The racket has high strength and is durable.
  • Difficult to handle initially.

13. Victor Brave Sword 12

Best Badminton Rackets


Here is another Non-Yonex badminton and this time it is Victor by the name of Sword 12. The name sword is given to this racket because it has a frame of diamond shape. This is an actually aerodynamic shape which is designed in such a way that it will cut the air like a sword cuts the wood.

There is a huge reduction in the speed because of sword-like structure so in essence with that; there is also an increase in speed.

This racket features inner wave technology in which the length of the string is increased and it is more than usual. The sweet spot you get with this feature is a lot more and this increases your chances of delivering stroke at high power.

But the role of this inner wave technology is not only limited to sweet spots. It also reduces shocks to some extent and gives a stable platform to the player. It also eases maneuvering the racket so now your range of shots is increased.

There is another provision in this racket to absorb the shocks and that provision is made in the form of materials that are placed on the head of the racket. These are placed exactly opposite to each other, hence providing uniform damping of shocks.

Furthermore, the distribution of weight in this is also a thing to admire and this even distribution is made possible only because of nano-sized particles are combined to form carbon fiber. This carbon fiber provides sufficient stiffness and strength to the racket.

  • The racket is evenly balanced.
  • It has a strong and flexible frame.
  • Great for drop shots.
  • Faster and smoother.
  • Nothing worth mentioning.

14. Li Ning Windstorm 78SL

Best Badminton Rackets


Here we have another amazing racket by Li Ning and a prospect from the same series that we mentioned earlier that is Windstorm. So, are you ready to take on your opponents with the storm? Of course, you are and this badminton will help you fulfill that desire of yours.

The primary feature of this badminton is its dynamic optimum frame which provides you a much larger sweet spot and it is actually on the upper side of the head so the probability of delivering powerful shot gets increased with this feature.

This also helps in defense as the spot is moved upward, all you have to do is lower your racket and it will take all the blows with proper positioning. The shaft is also highly tense and pretty thin than usual.

Although it doesn’t make any difference in the performance of the racket you will have to deal with its extended flexibility which might become a nuisance sometimes. Apart from that this width of a shaft gives a proper balance to the racket whenever you are looking to rebound so the deal isn’t really that bad.

  • It consists of the Aerotec-Beam system that gives it a very accurate aerodynamic shape.
  • Swing speed in this is remarkable.
  • No twisting of the racket.
  • The attack point is precise.
  • Shaft doesn’t have sufficient stiffness.

15. Adidas aDiPOWER Racket

Best Badminton Rackets


We are ending our list of best badminton rackets with an unorthodox pick. This time it’s from Adidas which is actually quite famous for producing sports gears and they too have some good badminton rackets in their lobby and this time it is their famous aDiPOWER racket.

It’s an old racket compared to other rackets on the list but still, it hasn’t lost its edge over the years. It employs a dual force frame which contains titanium mesh at the periphery and reinforced Zylon fiber to support the structure of the frame.

The concept of this particular design is to emphasize the vibration damping capability of the racket and this frame is actually quite stronger.

The 78 hole pattern in this is also very fascinating since there are two extra holes compared to the usual 76 hole rackets.

This pattern ensures the correct tightening of the strings so the tension you get from it is pretty high. Grommets are also used at certain places to ensure more strength.

  • The black-based color scheme gives a nice look to the racket.
  • It is an optimum choice for offensive players.
  • It has an amazing feel to it.
  • Dwell time is less.
  • It is not suitable for players who do not enjoy hard-hitting.

Buyers Guide for Best Badminton Rackets

Now that we’ve taken a look at the reviews of 15 best badminton rackets in the market, it is time we discuss what things one should take into account before purchasing the badminton racket. So these are some of those factors that you must consider before selecting a racket.


This one is a primary aspect of racket and carries a lot of importance when it comes to delivering powerful shots. It mainly depends on the head of the racket and head comes in different types. Head heavy features soft flex and headlight feature stiff flex.

It depends on the style of a player. If you give more priority to the offense then head heavy could be an ideal choice but if you are a defensive player, you should go for the headlight.

String tension

Good strings mean more power to your shots, therefore make sure that the racket you are selecting has sufficient string tension to it. Although you will have to consider your level because it might be difficult to get used to rackets that have high string tension.


The type of shaft used determines the flexibility of the racket. The ratio of shaft height to its width matters a lot and it should be kept at optimum value since it regulates the play.


We can conclude that when it comes to the best badminton rackets, Yonex is the boss.

That’s why I’d recommend buying any of Yonex’s from this list. Yonex Arcsaber 11 and Yonex Astrox 99 are the best badminton rackets that fulfill most of the requirements of an ideal racket so they are capable of becoming a great asset to your badminton gear.

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