Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.1500

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best badminton rackets under Rs.1500 in India along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best badminton racket according to your needs.

Badminton as a game is recognized worldwide, and India as a country with the fastest-growing population and bound to overtake China in headcounts is still lagging a lot behind on a world scale.

It is true that in recent years that scenario changed a lot with the stepping up of Saina Nehwal and P.V. Sindhu both as Olympic medallists and former no. 1 in women Badminton, the enthusiasm in public still lacks far behind than in other sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, etc.

Cricket has almost been a religion in India and ever since the winning of the World Cup in 1983; the game has only gained more and more popularity. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case with all other sports and although some big names popped up in global radars, sports like Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Shooting, and Swimming are not considered as glorious as playing Cricket.

However, a changing country needs change not only in the economic and social accord but also in terms of shaking off the orthodoxy and to start respecting and enjoying all sports as equal.

Badminton as a sport has always seemed intriguing to me considering the speed, skill, how easily it can be learned and good for health, how it can be played indoors even in bad weather and most importantly, the rhythm of the game. I was first introduced to the game as a kid and although it took me a while to get a hang of it, I enjoyed every bit of the learning process.

The connection of the shuttlecock and of the racket always seemed very melodious to me. Ask any expert and he will tell you precisely so. The connection of that racket and the racketeer is that of a musician with his instrument.

It is a sacred bond and is coveted among all players of the game. To honor that sacred bond, I am going to discuss on best badminton rackets under Rs.1500 that you can get from Amazon, and you can pick and choose for yourself.

If you have started to feel a thing for the game or just another connoisseur of the game like me, do go through the list and retain a piece for yourself.

Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.1500:

Amazon has revolutionized the consumer market in terms of the price and availability of any product. Provided from among the list, I am presenting you with the best ones from the lot…

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton Racket4.9/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton Racket4.6/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus G4-3U Badminton Racket4.4/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex GR 303 SN Aluminium Badminton Racket4.7/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex Nanoray L Plus 8 G3U4 Badminton Racket4.3/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Li-Ning G-Tek 90 II Badminton Racket4.8/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Li-Ning G-Tek 88 II Muscle Badminton Racket4.5/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex 3U-G4 Nanoray D2 Badminton Racket 4.6/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex Nanoray Power 3I 4U-G4 Badminton Racket4.2/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 1500Yonex Voltric 200 Taufik Series Badminton Racket4.4/5

1. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


It is a top-notch 4.4 star rated in the lot. Among all the racquets available in the price range, this one is the best suited for the players that go for agility and lightweight. Its shaft is made of graphite with the amalgamation of Carbon Nanotube. The frame is also graphite giving it its lightweight and stability.

The round-shape head that comes along with box-shape frame cross-section provides Carbonex a unique soft feeling to the player every time the player strikes the shuttle. It makes the timing melodious and it is Elastic Ti resists deformation.

During the impact the strings stretch and then recovers quickly to its original shape, making it able to fire an almost accurate shot with the maximum thrust of the swing. Players with more experience might want to go for a bit heavier though as they provide more balance and require less strain on wrists while slashing. It comes with a full cover and a delight for the new players.

  • Top-rated, selected by professional players.
  • Lightweight, good for singles, can be used greatly for beginners.
  • Flexible and dependable strings, great for strokes.
  • Cannot generate much spin in the shot.

2. Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton Racket


Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


Lightweight and easy to use, the Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton Racquet is one of the best sellers in the market. This badminton racket is priced under Rs.1500 and provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to revamp their game to a higher level.

The racket is light and can be controlled by an amateur very easily. It has a comfortable and light gripped handle that allows you to make both swift and heavy shots that will help you to defend and attack real quick. The aluminum build helps to keep your balance while making a quick shot and offers the best flexibility.

The shaft is made of aluminum which provides top-notch rigidity. The power of the racket is quite brilliant for beginners to practice the right shot over and over again. Have a look at the pros and cons of the Yonex ZR 100 Light badminton racket.

  • Good for power game and defense.
  • Lightweight, good for long sets.
  • Available in gorgeous
  • The weight and strength although suitable for doubles match, but can be really strenuous for long singles matches.

3. Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus G4-3U Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


The Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus G4-3U is one of the most sophisticated and feature-packed badminton rackets that you can get under Rs.1500. The racket has been integrated with YONEX nanoscience technology that helps the players to achieve better and much more precise control.

The racket has an ultra-lightweight that helps the players to get the best grip and amazing swing energy. The best part of using this racket is that it helps to maximize the power you generate and produce high-quality shots all the time. This racket is the best suited for those players who have a light foot.

Thus, allowing you to dominate the game always. The isometric shape of the badminton racket ensures that you are going to get a stable performance and flexible ability to produce the perfect shot. Have a look at some of the top pros and cons of it.

  • Lightweight, best for light-footed players.
  • Good String balance provides good thrust for shots and spins.
  • The ratio of racket length provides an equal center of gravity.
  • Not suitable for long range shots.

4. Yonex GR 303 SN Aluminium Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


Made with high-grade aluminum steel, the Yonex GR 303 SN racket is a really lightweight solution to your badminton needs. The weight and balance of the racket are really well maintained which helps to attack and defend efficiently.

The lightweight build quality is perfect for facilitating speed and flexibility. The brilliant aluminum racket offers excellent tenacity and strength that will provide long-lasting performance. The net quality of the racket is one of the best we have seen and it promises a good quality sweet spot for the players to hit and generate good power.

The racket is not comfortable for the doubles though.

  • Good for professional players, given its weight and balance.
  • It can generate great pace on the shuttlecock. Good for power games.
  • The lightweight is helpful for speed and serve.
  • It is not so compatible for doubles.

5. Yonex Nanoray L Plus 8 G3U4 Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


Rated a whopping 4.3 out of 5 stars, this particular model is available in both white and blue color. It has an equal weight distribution and someone who plays a variety of strokes will prefer this one. It does not cause any disruption in body movement and performs almost as an ideal stretch of the limbs.

It has a grip size of G4, ideal for both playing spins and strokes. The string is flexible and performs as a cushion during the timing of the shuttlecock. Its 3U weight along with its G4 grip is ideal for players with a big boy build, large grip and is ideal for the long game.

It is suitable for playing defensively as it causes less strain on the forearm. Anyone, willing to buy this one might consider its weight and grip as it is not very common for beginners and the grip is a bit wider so for players looking to go for stroke playing with smaller grips might want to rethink again.

  • Ideal for players with a large grip and long hold.
  • Its oval shape is ideal for swinging the bat without any fricative movements.
  • Its medium weight is ideal for longer games and defense.
  • As it is not isometric, the sweet spot region is less wider than of other bats.

6. Li-Ning G-Tek 90 II Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


This model, like its earlier ones, comes with two cute colures, pink and yellow. This bat, in particular, is designed for the budding talents. It has a less than usual grip of S2. It is a lightweight racket of 85 gm which is suitable for speed and people of smaller reach.

Its Isometric shape provides a wider sweet spot for the players to connect and is very comfortable during either stroke playing or serve. The best part of this best badminton racket under 1500 is that its string tension is around (24-26) LBS, which makes it ideal for aggressive players aligning with the playing style and methods of beginners.

The balance point is 320 mm that is comfortable for players with smaller reach and low center of gravity. The Grip metal is Polyurethane which is light yet strong and can sustain longer uses. Any young player willing to buy a bat as a newcomer must go for this one.

  • Its composition of Carbon Graphite helps the racket to bear high tension.
  • The grip is Ideal for young enthusiasts and the lightweight puts a minimum strain on the forearm.
  • The Isometric shape provides wider sweet spot.
  • It has a beautiful balance spot, ideal for aggressive playing.
  • Nothing worth mentioning.

7. Li-Ning G-Tek 88 II Muscle Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


These types of rackets are also very popular in demand and best badminton rackets under 1500. This is more popular with beginners. This Li-Ning G-track rackets whose shafts are made from carbon fiber and the frame is made of aluminum alloy. The carbon fiber helps the racket to bear high tension.

It is head shape is isometric and the enlarge sweet spot provides precise placement. The G2 shape will ensure an easy grip. This single piece of body distributes its weight to the whole rackets thus making it stable and precise shots. The high tensile slim shaft of 7.0 mm provides extreme strength and easier free control. The frame is powerful as it is wide and the hitting point is enlarged with a widened stringing area.

Tue super graphite tensile is made out of carbon fiber. That’s why it is more durable and the weight is lighter making it easy to stroke. The frame is compressed with special groove construction design in order to improve torsion resistance and reduce the deformation of the frame. This makes the strike more secure and accurate.

This racket weighs 85 grams and the grip size is S2. It has a balance point of 320mm and a 24-26LBS string tension is ready to take an aggressive play. This racket is made of PU.

  • It’s popular among beginners
  • It has an isometric head structure which makes it easy to play.
  • It’s very lightweight and easy to handle.
  • It’s strong.
  • Frame strength is not good.
  • The string is loose.

8. Yonex 3U-G4 Nanoray D2 Badminton Racket 

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


It’s the head-light series from Yonex. The nano gray provides a fast and controlled swing with enhanced repulsion for the new aero frame. The frame size is thinner so it swings easily. This racket is designed for the players who defend their opponents with extreme speed.

The thinner frame of the racket minimizes the air resistance. While the thicker side, which is the head of the racket, is stiff and it generates maximum repulsion. This best badminton rackets under 1500 have a unique structure. The major characteristics are based on the nano series. The nanomesh and nanotube are a unique blend of features that provide a significant increase in power and toughness.

Carbon nanotube and raisin these two molecules combine a mesh-like construction. It is a head-light racket that delivers sharp drive shots, helps to improve strength. This is also an isometric shape that keeps the balance between the vertical and horizontal strings that expands the sweet spot in all directions.

  • The swing has great speed.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It’s strong and the shaft is a light head. So it provides good swing.
  • Not the best for beginners.

9. Yonex Nanoray Power 3I 4U-G4 Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


This beginner-friendly racket is good for intermediate players as well as younger players. It is headlight so it’s good for defense playing. It’s good for both singles and doubles. Being nanoarray it is made with Nano mesh and nanotubes which develop a strong and tough racket.

The frame of the racket is made of graphite for which it is sturdy and strong. The shaft is made of graphite and flex. It’s lightweight and one of the best badminton rackets under 1500. So it’s easy for beginners and young players. It weighs 85 grams which are good for full coverage. The expandability of the string is 19-20lbs but can be expanded up to 28lbs.

  • It’s beginner’s friendly
  • Nanotechnology has been used to make this racket.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use.
  • Good for defence playing
  • Good for singles and doubles.
  • It may not last for a very long play.

10. Yonex Voltric 200 Taufik Series Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 1500


This brand Yonex has achieved precise control over racket control. These rackets are lightweight, thinner and stronger than the ordinary rackets. Yonex Badminton Racquet Voltric 200 Taufik Seris- 80 Gms provides maximum power and swing energy.

The shaft, as well as the frame, is made of graphite. The maximum string tension is 24lbs. The racket is good for both singles and doubles and they help the player to defend against the opponent. This isn’t made with nano series technology.

  • It’s made out of graphite so it’s strong.
  • It’s thin so it helps to defend.
  • The power and swing energy are good for this racket.
  • Not value for money.

Buyers Guide for Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.1500

Anyone enjoying the game too long does not require going through this narrative but for the newbies, willing to buy a new racket, then it would very much suggest going along the words and picking up a few lessons or two.

Grip: Let me start with the grips here. A Badminton bat has a typical grip range of G1 to G6. A G1 is of 4 inches, G2 of 3.75, G3 of 3.5, G4 of 3.25, G5 of 3 and 6 of 2.75 inches. G1 requires more arm power and as we keep drifting towards the G6, the pressure shift on fingers and Wrist.

There are two other groups for young buyers that is, S2 which is extra small and S3 which is small. A badminton player generally uses four grips; a forehand grip is where index remains at the side of the thumb, it is light shake with the racket and makes a deep v.

A Backhand grip is where the index is moved slightly closer to the thumb; a smash grip is similar to holding of a stick and a pan grip is that of holding of a mirror. The grip is very important for anyone willing to buy a new Racket.

Weight: Badminton racquets come with a versatile weight division.  A 5U is 75 – 79 gm; 4U means 80 – 85gm, a 3U is 85 – 92 gm; a 2u 90 – 95 gm and finally a U is of 95 – 100gm.

The standard badminton racquets weigh around 85 to 92 gm while a heavy one (2u/u) is considered for the professionals and is called a power Racket. A 3u racket provides better control to players and is suitable for various kinds of shots.

As we recommend you, to go along with the lower U as they are lightweight and is less strenuous on wrists and forearms. As you keep progressing, you can opt for a higher ‘u’s. Lower U generally means more weight and vice versa.

Head Space: A badminton racket is usually of two shapes, Isometric and Oval. The shapes of Isometric heads have a more squares head than that of an oval one. The sweet spot of Isometric bats is larger than the oval bats.

The larger sweet spot makes it easier to hit for the beginners without bringing out too much pressure on the shot. An oval head racket, on the other hand, has a much smaller sweet spot but it delivers more power and control if the shuttle hits its sweet spot.

An oval shape racket also provides much better control to place the shots wherever you want. Oval shaped rackets are prescribed for the advance users while the beginners should definitely go for the isometric ones.

Shaft Flexibility: Coming to the discussion of the shaft, the shaft of a badminton bat can either be flexible or stiff. The shaft is the general area between the handle and the strung area of the frame.

The flexible ones are more suitable for the beginners as they provide sweet timing and causes less strain on the playing hand. The stiff ones are usually better suited for the advanced players as they can generate more pace and strength. Both the shafts come along with their particular sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Flexible shaft– A flexible shaft is better suited for beginners as they provide better timing and it is the source of easy access to power. Flexible shaft defense becomes much easier as the player has less time to put strength on shots. This shaft comes with a few disadvantages though.

It has less control over placing the shuttle since it is easily bent, which leads the shuttle to an uncertain direction. Returns of the shots are slower since the shuttle hits on the string bed for a longer time, which generates fewer paces on the shots.

Stiff Shaft: Stiff shafts are usually used by professional players since return shots are much faster in this. The shuttle remains on the string bed for a little while and the repulsive force generates great pace on the shuttle. With stiff shaft, a player can have much control over the placing of the shuttle.

As the shuttle is stiff, the reaction is almost instant, allowing the player to place in a particular space with more control. The disadvantages of a stiff shaft are minor; a stiff shaft requires a strong swing and accurate technique to generate pace on the shot, the wrist action is very crucial while placing the shits and very often in long games, it places much strain on the forearm. It is not very effective in defense.

Balance: The balance of a racket is very crucial and any buyer must keep this in mind that the balance very often depends on its weight. The balance point of a racket is referred to as the weight distribution of a racket.

The balance is determined by the point of center balance in the racket, starting from its handle to its shaft. There are several options and you should consider each one considering your strength and playing style.

  • A Heavy headed racket feels heavier on the racket shaft and can generate much pace in the smashes.
  • A light-headed racket feels overall lighter and can be maneuvered easily than the heavy-headed ones. These sorts of bats are useful for players playing in nets during the doubles.
  • An evenly balanced Racket has an evenly balanced weight and gives a general feel and flexibility in both defense and offense.

The Heavy headed ones are better suited for players that opt for an aggressive style and leaps for power, A balanced one is good for beginners that provide both timing and medium maneuverability and finally, a headlight bat is better suited in doubles for players opting for defense and more speed.

Material: The Material of a bat is also very important and contributes to its weight, durability, and stretchability. Badminton rackets are usually made of different types of materials, such as wood, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, graphite, etc.

For beginners, steel and aluminum racquets are much recommended as they are light weighted and provides good durability. For Intermediate, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and for advanced players, Graphite will be more suited.

String Tension: The string tension in a badminton bat is essential on the impact of the shuttlecock. As the string tension increases, the sweet spot of the bat reduces and becomes more concentrated.

For the beginners it is recommended to go for a bat with string tension around 18-21 lbs; for intermediates, 22-24 lbs will suffice. For advanced players a string tension of 25-28 is good enough for both power and maneuverability and for professional players, a string tension of 2935 lbs is used as they opt for much power and placement.

Best in the lot for you: If you are someone who is a novice in this matter and is looking for a racket that is good for overall use, neither particularly made for defense or offense but is generally designed to be played around all formats and positions, then it is recommended you to go for the number 6 and 1 from best badminton rackets under 1500 list.

Li-Ning G-Tek 90 II Badminton Racket:

This one is very suitable for beginners and cheap in price. It is durable and is worth every penny of it. If you are a professional looking to opt for your particular style and form I would suggest you go for the no. 1 in our list.

Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton Racket:

This one is a keeper for the money, has a general weight distribution and comfortable grip, good for power game and offense. The rest in the list are all suited according to your choice and feel free to check them according to your style and needs.


The game is gaining popularity much faster in India and in other countries. It does not many types of equipment and players and can be enjoyed by only two players. In several clubs, they play the game in a playful manner by making not only a team of doubles but also a team of 4 members.

It is very good for exercise and if hitting the gym sounds boring to you, taking on a game like this is the best possible solution for you according to my solution. As per the young bloomers of the game, the country has gnawed its claws on Olympic medals with Saina and Sindhu. If the feminism in India ever faces any question, show them these stats. They have inspired millions of young kids to partake in this mission of health as wealth.

Amazon has been a crucial partner in this mission as they are supplying the equipment to even rarer places of villages and are spreading the enlightenment and enthusiasm of the spirit of the game. The best badminton rackets under 1500 available there are much cheaper and if felt unsatisfied you can return them within 10 days of your buying.

While bidding to parting adieu, let the echoing voice of sport liberate our youngest from the traps of social media and let them fly as high as the shuttlecocks.


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