Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.3000

In this article, we have reviewed 10 best badminton rackets under Rs.3000 along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best badminton racket according to your needs.

Badminton is a sport loved by all and what makes it more special is the high-quality rackets while at the best price range. This makes the selection of the best racket quite tough.

Are you looking for the best racket under your specified budget? If yes, you are in the right place. We all know that the racket should truly cater to your needs as a badminton player.

From the make, weight, technology, to all the dimensions – all these things go on to affect how well you are able to handle and use the racket in order to deliver great shots every time.

We know it is a very hard decision and takes most of your time and research to get the best racket for your perfect shots in badminton.

To make your search quick and easy, we have compiled all the great rackets that you can find on amazon online and get delivered at your home.

Not only this, but you can also find the best badminton rackets under Rs. 3000 without any hassle.

Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.3000:

Check out some of the top rackets that can be useful for the players. As they have to practice regularly so the racket that shows high durability and is light-weight can prove to be a perfect match for them:

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Yonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket4.8/5
Yonex VOLTRIC 1DG Badminton Racket4.6/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Li-Ning Super SS Series G4+ Carbon Graphite Lightweight Badminton Racket4.3/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000APACS Dual Power Speed Version Black Unstrung Badminton Racket4.0/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Li-Ning SS G4 Series Carbon-Graphite Badminton Racket4.7/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Yonex VOLTRIC 0.5DG Badminton Racket4.2/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Li-Ning Turbo 70 Light Weight Badminton Racket4.5/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Apacs Z-Ziggler Grey Unstrung Badminton Racket3.8/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Yonex Carbonex 21 Special Japan Made Badminton Racket4.4/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000Yonex Muscle Power 29 LT Badminton Racket4.5/5

1. Yonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


You pick up the Yonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket and it feels so light in your hand.

The weight distribution of the racket has also been achieved with lots of calculations and research, making sure that less weight does not lead to a loss in control a player has over the badminton racket.

This attention to precision is what allows Yonex to create the Best Badminton rackets under Rs.3000.

The frame of the badminton racket has also been created very cleverly – it is isometric in nature, which means it gains the ability to basically manipulate the air around it in order to allow you to deliver better shots.

The racket is very flexible as well. Its flexibility can be graded as “medium”. This helps you in making the best of every shot you want to take. Also, to be noted is that graphite has been used to make the entire racket.

  • The badminton racket has an isometric shape, and that helps in improving your ability to play the sport
  • The racket offers flexibility in the medium range. It will give you the freedom to go after every shot that comes your way
  • The racket is built in one single piece and that means it does not have a T-Joint
  • It has been designed keeping the needs of intermediate level players in mind so that you have a great time playing badminton all the while enchanting your skill.
  • The badminton is definitely on the pricey side of the scale. Thus, if you are a professional, or are really dedicated to the sport, then you would be able to make the most out the money you pay
  • The racket’s grip is not good. You will see that your hand slips or does not stay put during a game.

2. Yonex VOLTRIC 1DG Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs. 3000


The first step that goes into making an excellent badminton racket is, of course, the material to be used. In the case of the Yonex VOLTRIC 1DG, the make is a total of graphite.

Graphite has consistently shown to be a great choice when it comes to the composition of a racket. It lends the racket a totally different feel and looks.

Moving on, the repulsion that many badminton players look for when playing is quite high in this product. The player will thus be able to deliver all the shots even in a match that is taking place at a very high speed.

When we come to technology with which this racket has been designed, you will see that it is truly quite remarkable and intelligent.

It has an impeccable aerodynamic factor about it that gives you a sharp edge over other players. It makes your movements on the court way faster and swifter.

The racket was developed wholly in Japan, and it was put together in China. You get a great deal with this offer presented by Yonex here – from a leading brand, you will get a racket, shuttles, and a full cover as well.

  • This badminton racket has been designed very technically. You get an isometric shape for the frame because it helps with increasing the “sweet spot” of the racket
  • Because the frame and the shaft of the racket are made from graphite only, the finishing and the strength gets really enhanced
  • You get ten shuttles made of nylon in this deal. Nylon has been a suitable choice as it really increases the ability of the shuttle to bounce well
  • You can buy this racket if you only play badminton just as a recreational activity or if you are a beginner in this sport
  • The size of the racket is G4 and is, of course, built using a T-Joint feature.
  • The grip feature of the racket could have been better, as you may find your hand slipping from it all too often
  • The paint may wear off after some time, so bear that in mind.

3. Li-Ning Super SS Series G4+ Carbon Graphite Lightweight Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Li-Ning Super SS Series can be easily said to be a very up and coming, and promising name in the business of making rackets in India.

Their products are quite unique and exciting, and this specific product is of no exception. It is best to be used by amateurs and players who are at the intermediate levels.

As it is placed in a comparatively affordable price range, you can buy it either for your evening match of badminton or even for practice sessions.

It also suits children too, as it is of an appropriate size and weight to be handled by children in an easy manner. The look and design of the racquet are also quite attractive.

It has a lot of colors and they all come together in a good way so that it does not look gaudy at all. The strings and the frame have been put together in a structured manner.

Which means they are durable and you do not have to worry about breakage. So, this comparatively new product may as well surprise you, so keep your eyes open.

  • The head of the racket has been made from carbon fiber – it is a traditional and quite a foolproof choice
  • Unlike many other badminton rackets, this racquet has high tensile slim shaft.
  • It is very economical and budget-friendly. You get good products from a trusted brand that you can use for a long period of time without hampering your work
  • The cover that you get from the company will cover the whole Badminton racket
  • You get a very unique cover, as on one side it is made of a classy cloth and on the other side it is a transparent sheet of PVC.
  • The strings that you see can become a bit lose after you use the racket for some decent amount of gameplay
  • The paint will thus appear to be peeling off after some time.

4. APACS Dual Power Speed Version Black Unstrung Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Though this brand is still in its early onset, you will still be amazed by the quality that is being employed in all their badminton rackets, and especially with this one – APACS Dual Power Speed Version Black Unstrung Badminton Racket.

Their aim seems to be to make and provide good quality badminton rackets that can be accessed by a lot of people.

Firstly, let’s talk about the set – it consists of one excellent badminton racket, and cover for the racket. This is thus an unbelievable dream that you should follow! Now when you look at the price, you will realize by yourself that this is a rare and totally great deal.

Now, let’s move to the make and finish of the rackets themselves.

The rackets have an aluminum head throughout. The grip that you get on these rackets is sturdy and not easily shaken. You can thus make all your shots and not worry that the racket will give way.

Playing with this racket can help you gather more control over the game in the initial stages of learning the sport. You will be able to practice at length without developing any pain in your arm/s due to the badminton’s weight.

  • The price range of this set is economical and you will be able to derive the full value for what you pay in no time at all
  • The set consists of one racket that has a Reinforced Structure Frame with cover to protect the rackets from water, dust, etc.
  • It is very suitable for children to use these rackets. They are of good quality as they have Hi Modulus Graphite and New Power Speed Design, they are decently durable, and they may end up developing an avid interest in sports through this
  • The padding and covering have been as required over all the products, which will make them easier to handle and play with.
  • The strings of the badminton rackets are not of high quality. So, you may have to get them repaired or fixed after some time.

5. Li-Ning SS G4 Series Carbon-Graphite Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Li-Ning is yet another leading brand when it comes to badminton rackets that serves one of the best quality badminton rackets that last long and are perfect in all pressure shots.

Every feature that is added to the Li-Ning SS G4 Series Badminton Racquet, or for that matter any other product by the company, adds a certain value to the rackets.

No technology is infused in the rackets just for the sake of it – you actually are able to better your game exponentially when you choose badminton from Li-Ning that suits your needs and requirements.

The Li-Ning SS G4 Series Badminton Racquet is thus special for a lot of reasons.

First of all, the badminton racket has been given the optimal amount of friction. This is important because now, you will see that the shuttle bounces back with more strength and accuracy than before.

Two main components have been used to make the racket – for the shaft, steel has been used. For the frame of the racket, an aluminum alloy has been used.

  • The racket is a bit more affordable and economical than other high-quality Li-Ning rackets
  • The racket comes with duralumin technology and carbon graphite material. In other words, the racket becomes more accurate and derives greater flexibility from this very light in weight material, duralumin.
  • The power to retain its shape is also huge in the racket. This is important because a lot of times if the shape of the racket changes or gets altered, it can also affect the aerodynamic quality of the racket
  • The frame of the racket has been designed so that its area increases and it is able the bounce back the shuttle in the best way
  • It is best for advanced players, as they find lightweight badminton rackets easier to handle on the court.
  • The strings of the racket could have been attached in a stronger manner, as they tend to come off after some time and usage.

6. Yonex VOLTRIC 0.5DG Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Yonex is back with yet another stunning badminton racket. Named the Yonex VOLTRIC 0.5DG Badminton Racquet, it is truly as powerful as it sounds!

This racket will give you all that has been missing from your racket game till now. The racket is made of graphite completely.

This gives the racket a more sophisticated finish not to mention makes its weight better suitable for players who play and practice badminton for hours on end.

Yonex knows what is best for each level of players, so that is why they have especially recommended this badminton racket for intermediate level players.

Thus, intermediate players should go for this badminton racket. It will challenge you a bit with the technology, and that will only serve to improve and enhance your overall performance.

Their products are known to last long, without showing any sort of cracks or change in shape through bending.

  • This badminton racket comes under the “strung” category- which means it is going to be swifter and more precise in its movements
  • Its flexibility is medium, and thus you can go after every shot and smash it, without thinking your racket may not be able to support these movements
  • You will see that it will prove to be great and game-changing for intermediate players. You will find this racket to be an asset that is very useful
  • Because the racket is very light in weight, your reflexes are supported by it extensively.
  • The string that comes attached to the badminton racket may be loose. You may have to get it fixed, then
  • This racket is not going to fit into everyone’s budget comfortably. So, if you are buying this, make sure you are already giving enough time to badminton so that you can make the best of it.

7. Li-Ning Turbo 70 Light Weight Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Li-Ning has been creating high-quality products for badminton players for a while now. With the Li-Ning Turbo 70 Light Weight Badminton Racquet, they seem to have taken the game to a whole new level altogether.

The frames of Li-Ning rackets always steal the spotlight, and it stands true for this one as well. This racket has an extra-ordinary frame. It was put in place so that the racket can flex when impact occurs.

So, what the carbon fiber does is that it stores the energy before releasing it. By doing so, it is able to give you the ability to deliver great and exceptional shots.

All this also happens because the racket lends a lot of control to a player. There are nanotubes made of Carbon fiber at the side ends of the racket.

This technology increases the frame’s overall elasticity and flexibility.

  • The technology of carbon fiber nanotubes that have been implemented in this racket makes it way more flexible and elastic
  • This racket will be a pleasure to use because it delivers on all its promises
  • The frame of the racket will help you greatly in bettering your game and enhancing your skills
  • The flexibility of this racket is termed as “flex” – you get an immense ability to deliver all the shots as you please
  • Players tend to get very comfortable and used to handling this racket very easily and in a less amount of time.
  • This racket is not exactly economical, especially if you do not really plan on using it to its extent and capability
  • You may have to change the string provided to you.

8. Apacs Z-Ziggler Grey Unstrung Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


A lot of times, people look to buy badminton rackets in order to play them with family or friends as a fun and casual recreational activity.

The Apacs Z-Ziggler Grey Unstrung Badminton Racquet is built for that purpose, although children can also make the best of it. You can use it for side practice purposes for smash.

This Apacs Z-Ziggler Grey Unstrung Badminton Racquet is a perfect fit that has the strength and perseverance to produce high power. When you buy this, you can gift it to someone younger, and it can spark a love for badminton in them!

But if you are a professional and plan on using this mainly, we say that you would be much better off by not doing so as your skills will not be challenged or enhanced in any way then.

  • As you can tell by the name itself, this racket is very economical and can be afforded comparatively easily
  • The grip that the racket provides has been cushioned, so as to give you a more comfortable handling area
  • It is best for people who play light games, for children of school-going age, and generally people who are not professionals.
  • The strings may be weak and so are at risk of coming off way too easily
  • The racket is not exactly lightweight, as it is listed to weigh 110 grams – a weight for rackets that often makes it difficult and even painful for players to use it for a long stretch of time.

9. Yonex Carbonex 21 Special Japan Made Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Yonex seems to have outdone itself yet again with Yonex Carbonex 21 Special, Japan Made Badminton Racquet. First of all, it is of an incredibly lightweight.

You can thus handle it with great ease and comfort. Lightweight badminton racquets like this one are also able to provide you with the ability to control the racket and make it listen.

Next, the technology that was involved in the making of this racket is totally brilliant. You get increased elasticity and ease of use because of something called duralumin titanium technology.

The racket is also equipped with the ability to give the shuttle the best surface to bounce off from. Players will not be complaining about a loose grip with this one, as it has an excellent grip and handling area.

  • The duralumin titanium technology that accompanies this racket will give you an edge over other players instantly as it makes the racket way more elastic and extends greater control to the player as well
  • It is important that the shuttle bounces off the racket in the right manner. This racket’s frame ensures that happens.
  • This will prove to be beneficial and a very great buy for beginners who have just started practicing badminton more
  • The racket comes with a G4 grip, and with that, it has scored well where so many fancy badminton rackets do not
  • You get a greater area for the sweet spot of the racket to be accommodated.
  • The durability of the racket has been brought into question, as the strings fall away and apart easily
  • Dents can also occur, as this badminton racket may not have a strong ability to retain its original form for long.

10. Yonex Muscle Power 29 LT Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000


Yonex has come up with a huge range of products like badminton rackets. Because the range is huge, you get to decide, based on your needs and level, which one you want to go for.

Thus, the Yonex Muscle Power 29 LT Badminton Racquet (G4 – 88g, 30 lbs Tension) can be said to suit beginners the best.

Amateur players are still getting the hang of badminton and so their precision skills still hold a lot of scope for improvement.

Because this racket has an isometric shape, beginners will be able to get shots or smashes even if the shuttle hits the edges, as the isometric shape allows a good amount of power even then.

If you love to smash, and are eager or practice it more, this badminton racquet can help you do so. That is so because its head is quite heavy and suitable for smashes as it is able to give more power.

The grip of the racket is quite good and impressive. But if your palms sweat a lot, you can easily put on a cloth grip instead.

  • The grip of the racket is impressive. You can do whatever movement you want to with the racket but your hands will not feel slippery
  • The technology that Yonex has used in this product again enhances its quality and increases how well you perform on the court
  • The racket has been built from graphite all over. Graphite ensures a lightweight badminton racket, apart from making it way more sturdy and rigid.
  • If you are looking for a badminton racket that can give you a high level of precision, this racket is then not the one for you
  • This racket has some great qualities, but it is not economical in nature
  • You may face some durability trouble with the racket after a couple of months.

Buyers Guide for Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.3000

The prospect of buying a new badminton racket is exciting and thrilling. Thus, if you choose wisely, you will soon have this new product that will help you explore the sport of badminton and take your performance to new heights.

But if not, you may end up with a lousy racket that just does not suit the way you play. Thus, in order to find the most appropriate badminton racket for you, you should follow this guide:

Select the appropriate grip style

Your ability to grip a racket obviously impacts how well you will be able to handle it throughout a match. Thus, you should know that there are various types of grips being offered with respect to material and size. The first one is made of cloth and is called the towel grip.

It is good because it absorbs sweat and doesn’t make the racket slippery. But at the same time, it increases the chance of infection and accumulates germs, which is why regular replacement is important.

The other is a synthetic one: they are less messy but cannot absorb sweat. Smaller grips give more area for maneuvering, while bigger ones will give you more power and control over the racket.

Choosing the best weight of the badminton racket

You will see that beginners and intermediate level players are always best suited for lightweight racquets. For professionals, heavier rackets are more effective.

This is because as your skill and experience grow, you will be able to control and handle heavier rackets for a long time without tiring your arm out. Thus, it is important to target a racket according to your badminton skill level.

Figuring out the right balance

Weight distribution is another important factor you have to consider. There are rackets whose weight is more on the head, while others have less weight near the head.

The third category will have a balanced or neutral weight throughout the racket.

Final words

Finding the best badminton rackets under Rs. 3000 becomes easier when you follow these tips. For players who are just starting out, the Li-Ning SS G4 series is going to do great justice to your skillset right now.

For more advanced level players, the Yonex Muscle Power 55 will be a great investment in terms of money and technology.

So, it is time to check these rackets for yourself and select as per your affordability and material! Once you select them, just order them online to enjoy a perfect badminton experience!

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