Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000

In this article, we have reviewed the 9 best badminton rackets under Rs.2000 in India along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide at the end to help you choose the best badminton racket possible according to your needs.

Badminton has turned into a well-known game around the globe. Aside from being a game, it winds up being an extraordinary sport for making a person fit. It is one of the most energizing and fun outdoor games which one can enjoy.

Even though it is an indoor sport, we can play it anywhere and anytime. The most appealing feature of this energetic game is its versatility. It helps you to relieve stress and anxiety problems.

Once you start to play this sport, you will become a stronger person, and after playing for a few months, you can likewise choose badminton as your profession also. But an essential aspect of this sport is to acquire a perfect badminton racket.

Buying a suitable badminton racket is not as simple as it looks. Many elements should be focused and understood before settling on the correct choice of badminton.

Furthermore, one should be able to recognize his needs and follow his style of play so that he can enjoy the game with greater passion. This article will make you understand the requirements of the game, the mechanics behind the correct badminton racket.

It will also help you in finding the best badminton rackets under 2000 that suits your personality and requirements. In case if you are on the verge of purchasing a badminton racket, then you should read the reviews on our chosen badminton rackets and further settle on a favorable choice.

Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.2000:

Best Badminton Rackets under 2000Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Carbon Fiber Badminton Racke4.9/5
Best Badminton Rackets under 2000Apacs Finapi 232 Graphite Badminton Racket4.3/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000YONEX Arcsaber 200 Taufik Strung Badminton Racket4.4/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000Li-Ning SS-G5 Series Carbon-Graphite Strung Badminton Racket4.6/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000Apacs Finapi 8 Black Badminton Racket4.1/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000Yonex Carbonex 7000 Plus Badminton Racket4.8/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000Yonex Nanoray 6000I G4-U Badminton Racket4.8/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket4.4/5
Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000Senston 2 Player Badminton Racket with Carbon Shaft Racket4.2/5

1. Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 2000  


Intermediate-level badminton players mostly use this badminton racket. It has a high tensile thin shaft that precisely reacts to the intentions of the player quickly. This badminton racket is an Ace powered with high tension strings, the (rod) shaft of this badminton racket is made up of the best quality graphite.

The design of the badminton racket is made up of such that it helps to play a more efficient attack game with a useful defensive framework. A sweet point is structured that broadens upward. Likewise, the hitting point of the racket is higher.

It has a developed viable defense that offers a dynamic-ideal frame for extra smash shots. The broadened stringing region has helped to increase the hitting speed, and it additionally has increased ricochet quality. The frame (border) of this badminton racket is made up of Aluminum, and the shaft is a super graphite shaft.

The remaining part of this badminton racket is made up of Carbon fiber Material. The total weight of this badminton racket varies between 86 to 89 gms. This badminton racket has an S2 grip size.

  • Carbon Graphite composition helps the racquet to bear high tension.
  • The flexibility of the racket is medium, favorable for the intermediate players.
  • The balance point is 320 mm, which is very beneficial.
  • Professional players can not use badminton as the weight is a bit variable.
  • Many fake or first copy of this racket is available in the market.

2. Apacs Finapi 232 Graphite Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under 2000  


This badminton racket is specially designed and developed for offensive players. It helps you to hit powerful smashes. It also favors you for that unique drop shot along with netting play.

The racket comes with a unique aerodynamic head feature that helps the player to create more force while smashing with speed. It is made up of the new carbon nanotube that combines astounding power and strong handling sense.

Moreover, this innovation will enable you to improve the execution with more power and possession on the court. This racket is particularly lightweight, which the player to move the badminton racket fast in the air and thus delivers an exceptional spotless and sharp shot that will help to beat the opponent.

It is the best medium flex racket that will give sufficient power and excellent control at the same time. It is essentially a fast badminton racket which is mainly for attack based players who require more control and balance.

This badminton racket is made up of Triple Speed System Frame technology that offers extra power and solidarity to the racket frame. It is the best medium flex racket that gives a streamlined shuttle hold, thus enabling the player to get the best ideal repulsion and power.

For intermediate badminton players, it is an excellent decision to buy this badminton racket as it comes in an”Isometric frame shape design” that has a significant sweet spot region that helps in delivering the best badminton shots.

With every aspect kept in mind, it is the best badminton racket under 2000.

  • It’s a one-piece Badminton Racket; thus, it is durable.
  • Professional badminton players can use this racquet, which is known to deliver great shots.
  • The flexibility of the badminton racket is a bit low.
  • Badminton racket is not an Ace powered badminton; thus, the tension of the string is low.

3. YONEX Arcsaber 200 Taufik Strung Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



This badminton racket is basically for professional badminton players. It is developed using the most recent technology, which is the Tri-Voltage system. The top point of the racket head is made heavy, which gives you more momentum and additional power, empowering better smashes and third line shots.

The shaft is made up of Graphite which makes it stiff and robust, providing more chances to hit those incredible smash shots. The racket head is isometric that encourages the client to hit powerful shots with flawless planning.

Additionally, it has a huge sweet spot and is lightweight, which guides the player to get a speedier swing for the more dominant shot. The total weight of the racket is around 80 Gms.

  • It is a lightweight racket, thus, preferred by professional players.
  • Uses Isometric technology that changes the round head shape of traditional racquet into a revolutionary square head shape, which creates more right angles at string intersections within the racquet head.
  • Bit expensive compared to other badminton rackets.
  • It requires high skills to handle precisely.

4. Li-Ning SS-G5 Series Carbon-Graphite Strung Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



This Badminton Racket is made up of an Isometric frame head shape. It offers an extended sweet spot that gives more power and superb chances to hit powerful smashes along with the third-line shots.  Aluminum is used to make the frame of this badminton racket, and the shaft is made up of Graphite.

This racket is basically for intermediate level badminton players. The bending point of the shaft is moved by the Bio inner core of the badminton racket, thus increasing the flexibility of the badminton racket. It likewise boosts up the racket’s control.

Nanotechnology is used in the manufacturing process, which makes the racket significantly more steady, lightweight, robust, and stable. Its unique design helps the players to deliver top-notch strikes, even when the hitting point is away from the sweet spot.

The total weight of the racket is around 85 gms and comes in Lime color.

  • A lightweight badminton racket helps in more stability.
  • The sweet point is very pervasive.
  • Strings and Grips of the racquet go through regular wear and tear; hence, periodic change is required to maintain racquet performance.

5. Apacs Finapi 8 Black Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



This racket provides a high string tension of 28 to 35 Lbs. The badminton racket frame is made up of CT Nanotube material. Thus this feature helps the player to show better bending strength.

The racket is the best medium flex racket that gives better control over the shot. It additionally offers powerful smashes from the third line with smooth and straightforward overhead clears. The high string tensions enable the player to viably play the quick drive shots just and the fast return shots.

The racket shaft is made up of High Modulus Graphite that provides a better aversion to players. This racket is perfect for intermediate badminton players with all-around playing skills.

The racket is made up of “Aero Widebody head,” which reduces air resistance; thus, providing the player with an exceptional head speed which eventually helps in fast return and quick drive shots.

The frame shape of the racket is isometric which gives a large sweet spot zone leading to delivery of ground-breaking shots, even when the shuttlecock lands on the off-center.

  • Racket uses Aero wide-body head, thus, reduces air resistance during smash shots.
  • The big sweet point helps to direct the shuttlecock better.
  • The flexibility of this badminton racket is a bit low.
  • Many fake or first copy of this racket is available in the market.

6. Yonex Carbonex 7000 Plus Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



This racket is made up of high-quality graphite material that offers excellent durability. It has a substantial development that adds to the thickness of graphite and carbon fiber layers to give better strength.

Hence, more weight is added to the edge, making the racket hard to move. It offers a sensitive control, thereby creating a steady, more slender badminton racket.

This racket is useful for intermediate as well as for beginners. It has a box-type casing and offers a better swing rate for the badminton racket. The material used to make the shaft of the badminton racket is a mix of Carbon nanotube and Graphite.

The racket is a Lightweight implanted with Superelastic titanium (Elastic Ti) that recovers in a flash after the impact of the shuttlecock. The box-shaped frame provides rigidity with great control and power.

The frame is made of Aluminum and gives extraordinary weight conveyance. The in-build T-joint gives expanded racket strength and less torque. This badminton racket developed with “DURA FRAME technology” that makes the badminton racket profoundly durable, and it also offers astounding stability.

  • The built-in T joint thus provides good smashes.
  • It’s a highly durable racket.
  • A bit heavy badminton racket mostly would not be preferred by many.
  • It is mostly recommended only to the beginners.

7. Yonex Nanoray 6000I G4-U Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



The Yonex Nanoray 6000I G4-U Badminton Racket developed with top-notch graphite material that offers you durable performance. The development expands the thickness of graphite carbon fiber layers to give high strength, which also adds weight to the frame and makes the racket hard to move.

But the designing technique furnishes the badminton racket with a sensitive control over how the Racket materials work, thus creating an elite performance molecular bond inside them. It helps to make a steady, more slender, and more headlight racket.

It offers a solid hold that makes it an ideal choice for any professional player. Also, beginners can use this racket as it gives power and solidness to improve in the game.

It has a robust frame. Even though it has a stronger build, it is yet lightweight when compared with numerous different rackets in the market. Thus, it gives you immense strength with speed while swinging in the air to provide you with the ideal shot. The shaft of the Badminton Racket is made with Graphite and has an isometric frame,

The racket is strung incredibly, thus upgrading your capability on the court. It gives you the correct power and quickness to swing the racquet, thus giving you an edge over players.

The Yonex Nanoray 6000I G4-U Badminton Racket is one of the best rackets when compared to the other badminton rackets under 2000 on the rundown. The Frame head size is made up of Aluminum, thus offers high life expectancy.

Since it is very lightweight, it is easy to use and handle; It is an ideal choice for youngsters, beginners, and furthermore moderate-level players.

  • The grip size is G4, which provides a good grip on the racquets.
  • Quite an affordable racket.
  • Most recommended on the list.
  • Nothing worth mentioning.

8. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



Graphite is used to make this badminton racket with an inbuilt T-joint that offers excellent strength and security.

It is made up of a square-head isometric shape frame combined with a nanometer material. The frame structure is made up of these materials, thus empowering the racket to deal with a string of 8 to 12 kgs, this all will give the player to deliver a quicker and more powerful performance.

With this badminton racket, you will also get a cover free which acts as a perfect carrying case. This case will keep your badminton racket free of scratches and furthermore will enable you to travel to the court. This badminton racket comes in many colors and maintains a trendy design.

This Senston model is brilliant as it uses quality plastics and epoxy sap to make the badminton racket lighter and simple to use, this, in turn, makes it a perfect deal.

Moreover, the racket shape is square-head, which offers a larger sweet spot; this helps you to enhance your game with more and furthermore limits the resistance. Moreover, it additionally helps with speed because of the optimal design of the racket.

The racket is around 80 grams and contains a G4 grip.

  • A high-quality racket and racket cover (Protect the badminton racket well and easy to carry)
  • Senston N80 racket has nine colors to meet the most badminton Friend’s needs.
  • The racket has many clones in the market; thus should be taken extra care of while buying.

9. Senston 2 Player Badminton Racket with Carbon Shaft Racket

Best Badminton Rackets under Rs.2000



The badminton racket is a lightweight racket which is very useful for youngsters and beginners. This racket is a perfect choice in case if you are looking for an intense game of badminton. This badminton racket comes in a set of two, with a shuttlecock and a bag free.

It is a lightweight badminton racket that is simple to use and travel. The shaft is made up of Graphite and the racket’s frame structured for high performance on the court. This racket has an able Stringing that is approximately around 18-20lbs. The badminton racket weighs 85 grams, which is very light when compared to different models in the market.

It is the right decision for a beginner and also if you play badminton as a pastime entertainment. It is worth buying a badminton racket under 2000.

  • It has high stringing, thus gives high performance.
  • You get a racket cover free thus, protect the racket, and it also easy to carry.
  • This badminton racket developed for beginners.
  • A bit expensive racket.

Helpful Extra information on badminton rackets:

You can see some letters like U, G, and “x lb” to “y lb” on Yonex badminton rackets. Ever wondered what does it denote?

  1. “U” denotes the weight of the racket. Racket with a less value “U” has more weight than one with a high amount of U., i.e., “3U is heavier than 4U”.
  2. G denotes the grasp size or the handle size of a badminton racket.
  3. A small value of G indicates a bigger handle size. 
  4. Values from “xlb” to “ylb” is used to demonstrate the badminton tension.
  5. The Li-Ning brand uses distinctive code names for their rackets – They use ‘S1, S2, and so on’ to denote the grip size and ‘W1, W2, and so on’ to indicate the weight of the rackets. Likewise, different brands may have their naming methods for their badminton rackets.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.2000:

Purchasing a Badminton racket for recreational use might be much more straightforward than buying one for severe competitive games. The solidness of the badminton racket is a significant factor whether it is for a fun game or an aggressive play. Multiple factors should be given due significance when purchasing a badminton racket.

A racket is essential equipment to play badminton right. The badminton racket you select should be equal to your abilities. Most of the time, people don’t think about the features and only by badminton rackets according to rackets looks and style, therefore, settling on a wrong decision.

If you play some genuine serious Badminton, then here is a rundown of the most significant factors that you must remember before purchasing a racket.


You can buy the right racket at a very affordable price. However, the reality is not always that a more expensive badminton racket will always be a good quality. Every badminton racket has its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. In the Badminton industry, top-notch badminton rackets are superior in quality.

These rackets are planned and designed with the most recent nano-fiber or Carbon graphite advances; this helps in improving durability as well as enhances the usability of the badminton racket.

The main factor that decides the buying of the badminton racket depends upon your budget, which must be kept variable. The market offers a variety of badminton racket types, and these types are regarding quality, colors, shapes, size, etc.

Significantly, you balance your budget and requirements equally. Badminton is a game that offers a lot of fun and excitement. Hence, consider these key factors s before you purchase the badminton rackets.


Badminton rackets come in many sizes. Bigger grips are used by players who need a more tightly feel to create more power. On the other hand, the player who plays defensive prefers using the small size grip as it offers better maneuverability.


The durability and strength of the racket must be looked for while purchasing a badminton racket. Two-piece (T-joint) rackets are generally weak when compared to the single-piece badminton rackets. The single-piece rackets are preferred as they offer better stress distribution.

Weight Of Racket

In today’s world, a perfect badminton racket should weigh around 85 – 92g (without considering the importance of the grip and the string). So a massive weighted badminton racket is regarded as a power racket.

These rackets catch more energy when you swing the racket, consequently giving you more power. The only disadvantage is that they are hard to control. Furthermore, dealing with a heavyweight badminton racket is stressful and less comfortable.

If you needed to play the game with more control, then a lightweight racket is the right choice. Lightweight rackets have a low balance point and hence are easier to handle. They likewise permit the player quick stroking speed and recovery.

Moreover, they reduce the chances of injuries as they are weight pressure is very less and doesn’t come on wrists and shoulders.

Hand Grip

The grip of the racket is regarded by two main factors, for example, the grip size and its type. The grip of the badminton comes in two types- Synthetic and towel.

The Towel grips are typically soft and give comfort. These towel grip rackets absorb the sweat thus likely to collect the bacteria and germs. Thus, such grips should be changed regularly to stay away from infections.

On the other hand, synthetic grips are smooth and less messy. But there are not preferred more as they lack proper sweat absorption.


The balance of a badminton racket denotes the weight of the racket head (the part containing the racket net) from the handle. The advantage of the racket head weight is that while hitting the shuttlecock, you will feel more powerful; thus, strength while smashing. The force required in heavy head rackets is less as they are designed in a manner to create more power.

On the other side, rackets with light heads are intended to enhance the speed and mobility. If you are a learner, then you should go for light-head badminton rackets which will give you a perfect start and help you practice your strokes.

Further, once you get your hands-on the balance head, then you can think of the upgrade version of rackets.


It fundamentally denotes the flexibility or firmness of the shaft that connects the racket handle and the racket head. A High Flex indicates that you will be able to generate more power in your badminton strokes. While with a Low Flex, you will get better control over your strokes.

In case you have just started playing badminton, then you should get a badminton racket that has a medium flex, this will let you know your strengths and weaknesses during the initial phase of badminton. Many beginners have found that it is simpler to learn and play with a lighter, balanced head and balanced flex badminton racket.

More Control

If you need more control over the game, then you can add more weight to the racket handle. For this, you can wrap a substantial badminton grip, or you can go for covering two regular badminton grips that will provide required control over the game. Likewise, you can also use badminton with a lighter badminton string.

More Power

If you need more power during the game, then you can add more weight to the racket head. For this, a lightweight badminton grip can be used to wrap. Once you have made the required adjustments to your badminton racket to fulfill your needs, you can now quickly identify the balance point.

Balance Point

It is the point on the pole of the badminton racket that denoted to the Center of the badminton racket.  If you place your finger closer to the racket head, then it refers to a higher balance point. In this manner, it turns into a power racket.

If you place a finger nearer to the racket handle, at that point, it infers a lower balance point. In this manner, it turns into a control racket. The balance point of your badminton racket can change as per your techniques and playing style.

Stiffness of Shaft

When you are purchasing a badminton racket, you get two alternative options in badminton shaft. One is the flexible shaft, and the other is the stiff shaft. A flexible shaft can easily bend while a thick shaft is difficult to turn or bend.

Before you purchase a badminton racket, focus on its stiffness. The main aspects are the balance point and the weight of the badminton racket, which, as per requirements, can be changed. However, stiffness cannot be adjusted.

Just like different items, the racket shaft will likewise ‘also have a “life span.” And after the lifespan of the shaft, it will become less stiff when compared to the past.

The Shape of the Frame

When you intend to purchase a badminton racket, it is essential to look upon the frame(edge) of the badminton racket. Two types of border frames come in badminton rackets, one is the isometric (squarish) frame, and the other is the traditional (oval) frame. There is just one key factor that differentiates between the two that is the sweet spot.

Essentially, the sweet spot is a particular zone on the string bed of the racket. When the shuttlecock lands on the sweet spot, it will hit accurately.

Isometric Frames: these frames have a more prominent sweet spot. Thus, it provides to perform better shots.

Regular Frames: These frames have a small sweet spot. However, in case the shuttlecock lands on this sweet spot, it will deliver a high-quality shot. Nowadays, you won’t find these regular frames in the market quickly, as most players prefer isometric rackets.

Your Type/Choice

Mostly Badminton rackets are categorized into three types:

Aluminum rackets– These rackets that are used mainly by the beginners, who play the game as fun or as a favorite pastime. These rackets have a durable and excellent life span, but still, are not considered to be suitable for the competitive players.

Aluminum-graphite rackets– Intermediate players mostly use these rackets. They are radically lightweight and are simple to handle.

Graphite rackets– Professional players mostly use them during competitive games.

What are the Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs.2000?

Turning into a professional badminton player is not easy. It is a difficult and challenging game. If you wish to accomplish a specific level in this game, you should put in work hard and spend extended hours in practicing the game on the court.

The best buddy on a badminton court is the badminton racket and should be there with you as a support system. It should enable you to upgrade your abilities and demonstrate your strength.

According to our analysis and survey with many badminton racket players, we recommend you Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Badminton Racket and Yonex Carbonex 7000 Plus Badminton Racket as they are matching the maximum factors essential for a basic racket.

Most of us are perplexed about how to purchase the best badminton racket under 2000. Since everybody has a set budget plan, it is critical to tail it and picks the best badminton racket. Hoping now we have made it very clear, and now you would have no problem picking up the best badminton racket.

Also, further, appreciate the game with a dependable and adaptable badminton racket that suits your needs and fits in your budget.

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